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The Bastard Executioner - The Bernadette Maneuver/Cynllwyn Bernadette - Review: "I'm Your Mother"

The Bastard Executioner - The Bernadette Maneuver / Cynllwyn B - Review

Last week on The Bastard Executioner, Jessamy caught Wilkin and Love in an embrace after wondering where he was sneaking off to. Father Ruskin started to believe and listen to all Annora had to tell about the Seraphims and the scripture written on her back, later though he and Luca are captured because of his knowledge of it. Also, Love agreed to help and aid a group of Barons called the Ordainers with militant support in exchange for a seat at their council, and Milus and his knights set of to capture the banished Ser Gaveston.

"Only you, Corbett, would use death to buy pain." Wilkin

‘Executioner’ continued this past Tuesday with its penultimate episode. The main focus was set on the capture and imminent death of Ser Gaveston, who had fled England. Though I never did quite see the appeal of the character, he was a good villain. There was still a reasonable amount of potential left for the show to explore his and Edwards relationship and for him to make one last plan to remove the Baroness from power, but what he had done did allow Love to get a decent and engaging storyline which has now opened up others for her.

With his death, that will likely bring more trouble towards Wilkin seeing as he was the one to kill him. Milus isn't a fool and knew that should he be killed by his hand, everyone would know. But they wouldn't be searching for a man that technically doesn't exist anymore. Wilkin saw that and made a choice. He was thinking about Lady Love, not Milus, which just shows again his deep affection for her. Brattle also knows that despite Milus' brutal and cruel way of doing things, he is the best fit to be Chamberlain and without him Ventrishere would crumble and Love would suffer for that. Brattle is smarter than most give him credit for.

More development came to this episode on the Love and Wilkin front, they have turned into a 'couple' regardless of the fact that Jessamy has just had a breakdown because of catching them in an embrace. I understand that Wilkin isn't bound to a relationship with Jessamy, but they should allow some time before they make it official - give Jessamy time to fully recover. I have always liked them as a pairing, they have great chemistry, but I worry things might be happening a little too fast.

Speaking of Jessamy, the entire episodes focus on her was spent with Love trying to help her fragile state of mind. She has been delusional from the start and deeply wanted a perfect life with Wilkin. Her husband beat and tortured her and her son remember. With that in mind, it amazes me why Jessamy went to such lengths to have a unnatural life. Jessamy could have made an effort with Brattle and perhaps he would've got used to being her 'husband', but instead her insistence on holding onto her damaged past drove Brattle into the Baronesses' arms.

She brought this on herself, and in a way she deserved the breakdown. At least now she might be able to move on though I doubt it. She says she's fine, but I can tell there's more to come and that she will do something to prevent Brattle and Love being together, she won't let that stand.

"Please! Wilkin, no! My son." Annora

Elsewhere, Father Ruskin revealed this episode what we all figured out episodes ago. He was an assassin now turned priest. We need backstory on him now more than ever to give us a little bit of insight into why he decided to take upon being a priest. Is he running from someone and became a priest to hide from them or is he trying to let go of his past life? We don't know, and that irritates me. We've one episode left and there are still an abundant amount of questions left unanswered. I can only hope the show is renewed. Whatever happens with Ruskin though, I'm enjoying seeing more of him now that he's linked to the Annora storyline and seeing him take out the guards was a sweet action scene for him, something we won't see much of.

The biggest jaw-dropping and hotly anticipated moment came in the final minutes when Annora dropped a bombshell on Wilkin that she was his mother. I theorized episodes ago that she was his mother; there were little hints dropped throughout the season about said reveal, which I thought was a clever piece of writing and way of building up to the final reveal. The reveal though was still surprising, but going forward I think many fans of the show will be pleased about it. This will give us more insight into Brattle's past, and more insight into his supposed destiny.

We also had a huge reveal this episode in the form of Ash. Ash has had very few moments of interest throughout the season - he's always just been there as a background character - but the writers are finally giving him an interesting story arc. I'm just annoyed that it's come so late with a second season not yet confirmed. Though, it's unclear if he's murdered other people or just that one twin. There were them dead bodies from before cut up in the woods that could have been him, but I assumed they had wrapped that mystery up...maybe not?

The finale is fast approaching of what has been a solid debut season. With many arcs not yet wrapped up and many questions not yet solved, I'm eagerly awaiting the news of Bastards fate. There is a lot of room to develop new storylines and introduce us to new locations outside of Wales. The show has a lot of potential and this season I feel has laid good groundwork for what could be another brilliant period drama spread over a couple of seasons.

‘The Bastard Executioner’ continued this past Tuesday with a penultimate episode worthy of the name. The episode built up tension and put storylines into motion for a dramatic climax that makes the wait for the finale harder to bare. Lady Love and Wilkin's quickly developed relationship feels rushed especially given that Jessamy has barely recovered. Father Ruskin is becoming more interesting by the episode and all credit is due for Timothy Murphy who is portraying him excellently. Ash has been given a start of a potentially interesting story arc, I'm just saddened that it's come so late. Overall, this was an excellent episode that sets up the finale perfectly. Who will survive next week?

As always, thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what you thought of The Bernadette Maneuver/Cynllwyn Bernadette!

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