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NCIS - Day in Court - Review and POLL: "Say something, I'm giving up on you"

The NCIS team worked to prove the innocence of a Petty Officer accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. Also, Bishop confronted Jake about the problems in their marriage.

Navy Petty Officer Third Class Kyle Friedgen is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Joy Vanatter, but his case is dismissed due to a mishandled warrant. However, his freedom doesn't matter to him since his eight months pregnant wife leaves him and his shipmates think he's guilty. He and his lawyer Carrie Clark come up ask Gibbs for help. Kyle volunteers to be court martialed so NCIS can prove his innocence, to which Gibbs agrees. Tony and McGee go to retrieve the files from Balitmore PD and Detective Malone, who was the lead on the case, and Assistant State's Attorney Alan Wyner, who was the one who screwed up with the warrant, hand over the files. Most of Kyle's conviction was based on the fact that he received a couple of texts and a call from Joy the day of the murder, and the discovery of a syringe with Joy's blood on it in Kyle's car. Kyle also has been violent with Joy in the past. One of Tony's old informants, who goes by the name of "Cheech", says she was doing S&M with a rich man in a suit and that she wanted to buy a higher grade of heroin. Meanwhile, Abby traces some bills that were found on Joy's body and discovers it was Kyle who withdrew that money. Kyle earlier claimed he hadn't seen Joy in years, but clearly he lied. Turns out he gave Joy some money after she threatened Kyle to tell his wife about his violent past. Joy said she needed money to get out of town, because she was in trouble.

Abby discovers that the syringe found in Kyle's car contained traces of low-grade form of heroin. However, Cheech said Joy wanted to get into a higher grade of heroin. It becomes clear that the syringe was planted in Kyle's car to make him look guilty. At Baltimore PD, Bishop and Tony go over the files of Joy's arrest two years ago, when she was found with a needle in her arm. The evidence had been in storage, but has recently been accessed by Assistant State's Attorney Wyner. Abby discovers that the syringe from two years ago was manufactured only three months ago, meaning Wyner had tempered with evidence. Also, Wyner had made the same mistake with a warrant a few years ago, and he is too smart to make the same mistake twice. It turns out he was the rich guy who was into S&M, but if that ever got out it would not have been good for his career. He killed Joy and deliberately tempered with the warrant so Kyle would get out. Kyle's innocence has now officially been proven, even though he thinks it will never be the same with his wife. Gibbs says he should stay in his son's life.

Meanwhile, Bishop and Jake are having their first night out since Jake escaped from a terrorist attack in Dubai. Bishop asks him why he wasn't at the hotel in Dubai when the bomb went off. Jake reveals there was a threat assessment and a cover-up, and the NSA suspected he had knowledge of it. Jake admits to missing lunch with Bishop in their favorite restaurant. So a day or so later, Bishop goes to surprise Jake at that restaurant, but she sees him chatting with a woman. She knows that woman is Taylor Matthews from the NSA's internal affairs division. The same woman was with Jake at the cab when he left the hotel in Dubai. Jake has to work overnight on a classified assignment, but he will be back in the morning. Bishop goes to Gibbs to ask for advice, and Gibbs advises her to make him talk about his feelings. The next day when Jake comes home she confronts him. Bishop says she first thought her husband was having an affair, but now knows Jake is being investigated. However, Jake interrupts and confesses he is having an affair with Taylor Matthews. Jake tries to make excuses, but Bishop storms out. She tells Tony, McGee and Gibbs the truth before going back to work the case. When she is absent from the squad room, Jake comes in and Tony and McGee step in like protective brothers and suggest he leaves. Gibbs makes the same suggestion, although his suggestion is a bit stronger. When Jake comes home later that day, the apartment is empty. Bishop has left a note saying she is hurt and is in a bad place, and that she is going home to Oklahoma.

Wow, that was quite a revelation about Jake, wasn't it? Even though we all knew Bishop and Jake had their marital issues, his affair comes as quite a surprise. I mean, I really thought this was about the two of them not being able to share and discuss their NSA stories anymore, but this is something completely different. Frankly, I don't see Jake as a cheating guy and from the online reactions I read, a lot of fans didn't see this coming either. I am even more surprised that a lot of people think Jake is not telling the truth, but rather covering for something else. Personally, I think Jake was telling the truth when he said he is having an affair. However, I have included a poll below so you can vote on if you think Jake told the truth. If you think he didn't, I would love to year your theories in the comment section. Anyway, Emily Wickersham was really great this episode as she showed how hurt Bishop was by Jake's affair. Also, that song at the end was just perfect and made it even more emotional. The title of the song was 'Say Something' and you can read the first sentence in the headline of this review. I also really liked Gibbs, McGee and Tony standing up for her. McGee and Tony really felt like protective brothers, while Gibbs was a great advisor (though obviously not on marital issues, lol). The only thing I will say about the case is that it was predictable. As soon as that Cheech guy talked about a man in a suit, I instantly knew the Assistant State's Attorney did it. It was fun seeing Carrie Clark again.

What did you think of "Day in Court"? What are your thoughts on the case of the week? Did you also suspect the ASA was the murderer? Are you shocked that Jake is having an affair? Do you believe he is telling the truth, or is there more to his story? And what should Bishop do now? Vote in the poll below, then head over to the comment section to share your thoughts and theories.

Next week, Bishop heads to Oklahoma to visit her family and obviously her marriage will be a topic of dicussion. Watch a promo for the episode below.

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