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Limitless - Brian Finch's Black Op / When Pirates Pirate Pirates - Double Review: "Leisure Rules & ADIC Johnson"

Double reviews seem to be the way things are working out lately! I might as well join in on the trend. These are going to be two really quick reviews with just some bullet points about what I thought about each episode. The last bullet points will be my final thoughts and my ratings.

Brain Finch's Black Op:

  • Mike and Ike's banter at the beginning of the episode was hilarious.
  • Jake looked adorable waking up.
  • Finch actually kissed a frame photo of Brian. I didn't just imagine that, right?
  • I loved the intro of this episode. Very comical.
  • The Ferris Bueller references were totally on point. I loved them.
  • The FBI is very interested in Finch. Rebecca got very protective of him. That was cool.
  • Theme song is incredible, as usual.
  • "Damn, man, what's in those pills?" You don't wanna know.
  • This scenario is very different from all of the ones we have seen Brian in, in any previous episode. I liked that very much.
  • Boyle really grew on me this episode. He showed he really cared about Brian.
  • The music in this episode worked really nicely.
  • I enjoyed having the translator show up.
  • The Brian clones graced our screens again. I'll never get tired of them.
  • "I'm the science experiment, man. I know people in high places. You wanna work walkie talkie on Black Ops the rest of your life?" Amazing.
  • The helicopter pilot lady was a sweet character.
  • Poor innocent Brian; watching people get shot does not look very fun.
  • The special effects in this episode were well done.
  • The twists and turns in this episode were great.
  • Brian's Rebecca hallucination that was dressed up like Sloane was awesome.
  • Nightshade poisoning plan: cool.
  • When Brian gave hints to his whereabouts, I almost wanted to applaud him.
  • The tonal shifts in this episode were a bit disconcerting.
  • Brian walking around in the woods made me think he was a wounded, lost puppy. Which is definitely true.
  • One last Rebecca hallucination: Sloane returns!
  • I found it amazing that Brian could yell as loud as he did.
  • Ferris is saved! I mean, Brian is saved! And there were some touching moments with him, Naz, and Rebecca.
  • That ambiguous ending was crazy! Loved it!
  • FINAL THOUGHTS: A wonderful episode. Some great writing and acting, and I enjoyed the plot. Having Brian in this dangerous situation and having to find him was good. Having Brian rely on his wits on and off NZT was better. I'll give this episode an A+.

When Pirates Pirate Pirates:

  • I love how enthusiastic Brian is about everything.
  • Naz's place is really nice.
  • Brian imagining Naz in the video game was hilarious.
  • I liked Kenneth and Naz's relationship, but from what we learn later on, this quickly changes.
  • Best scene of the episode, in my opinion. Learning about Ike! Him and Brian being adorable together! 10/10.
  • Brian, Rebecca, and Boyle's reactions to Naz being taken away were really emotional.
  • Brian took Johnson's phone! I smell some Neal Caffrey from White Collar in him.
  • This whole 'micropenis' and 'ADIC' ordeal had me in stitches. I could not stop laughing. What an excellent bit of comedic relief.
  • Brian has really grown on Boyle.
  • I love the animations and annotations, as per usual.
  • Naz's daughter is so pretty.
  • They played a Babymetal song in this episode. For real. I didn't make that up.
  • I almost thought Boyle was a traitor, but nope, his love for his job and for Brian is much stronger than his desire to move up in the world.
  • BRIAN AND REBECCA ACTUALLY PLAYED SCREW, MARRY, KILL. And yes, Brian thinks about screwing Mike and marrying Ike all the time.
  • Loretta is adorable. And she actually planted a file underneath a batch of brownies for Boyle. That is adorable.
  • Brian ranting about the bad guys' set up. That was so great, and so like Brian.
  • Brian actually took the time to draw and animate him dancing with "I did it for the Lulz underneath". Oh my god.
  • Sands is back. Oh dear, I still find him very creepy.
  • Queen Naz returns! And so does the micropenis joke. Long live the micropenis.
  • The pinball machine is awesome. I loved how it spelled Limitless.
  • FINAL THOUGHTS: Such a fantastic episode. Still maintaining a serialized element with a case-of-the-week that ties into that very same element. Absolutely stellar. A great story, and truly hilarious action. This gets an A+, for sure.

What did YOU think of Brian Finch's Black Op & When Pirates Pirate Pirates? Be sure to leave your thoughts down below! And as always, if you want to read my other reviews, click [here].