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Legends of Tomorrow - Matt Nable to appear? *Updated Confirmed*

19th December 2015

"Matt Nable will return as Ra's al Ghul in the ninth episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, ComicBook.com has learned and confirmed with WB/CW."

28th November 2015

Thanks to Tyler from SpoilerTV who is covering Supanova Pop Culture Convention in Brisbane for us. He has sent this little snippet through.

Matt Nable is at Supanova Pop Culture Convention in Brisbane (Australia) this weekend. I was in his panel today. Someone asked him a (rather personal in my opinion) question about whether he gets paid more to return to shows after he leaves. During his answer he blurted out "I'm tipped to appear in Legends of Tomorrow" then when he realized what he said and the audience started whispering he quickly added "If my schedule allows, that is".