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Jane the Virgin - Chapter Twenty-Seven - Review

Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Twenty-Seven,” was written by Jessica O’Toole and was directed by Jann Turner. We finally get a kind of resolution to the love triangle in this episode. It also features special guest Britany Spears. Once again the show also demonstrates that it can do humor and drama seamlessly. I really loved how carefully crafted the writing was in this episode as the “gimmick” of the writing on the wall is used throughout the episode.

The episode begins with a flashback to a 14 month old Jane who gives us the first example of graffiti in the episode as 18 year old Xo (Catherine Toribio) catches Jane drawing on the wall. The narrator has told us that some dates are very important, and this one, June 12 is one of them. Xo is trying to get Alba (Ivonne Coll) to come out to dinner. It’s the anniversary of Alba’s husband’s death and she’d too caught up in her own grief to see what may be happening with Xo.

I loved that Alba sees the remains of Jane’s graffiti on the wall and that’s what gets her to make the connection between that night when she shut Xo out and the June 12 on which Xo was convicted of a felony – stealing a ring worth $400. And of course, that felony charge is what’s a stumbling block to Alba getting her papers. Xo (Andrea Naveda) is devastated that she might be the cause of Alba not getting her papers. It’s another instance of how the Villaneuva women all stick together because of course, Alba understands completely when she realizes what the date was.

Many of the characters see the “writing on the wall” during the course of the episode. Jane realizes that Michael (Brett Dier) is the one. But also wants to tell Rafael (Justin Baldoni) first. We learn right away that Rafael did overhear Jane and Xo on the baby monitor. I loved Michael’s wall flip in response to Rafael wondering what Jane sees in him.

One of the other gimmicks in the episode is that we get to see what people wished had happened before we see what really happens. So Britney comes up to Jane and asks her to dance with her. They dance to Toxic, and I have to say that I thought Rodriguez did a better job! In fact, I felt Spears was really not very good. I did really enjoy the swooshy noises with her little phalanx of followers though!

We quickly find out that Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Spears are in a feud – of course! It escalates so that she puts a restraining order on him, and he gets all his followers to send her poop emojis! Naturally, it turns out to all be a misunderstanding, and the two make up before the end of the episode.

Petra (Yael Grobglas) continues to surprise and announces her wedding to Milos (Max Bird-Ridnell). I loved Jane bringing up that Milos had thrown acid at Petra’s mother (Priscilla Barnes) and Petra responding, “You’ve met my mother Jane. Surely you can understand the urge!” It’s absolutely Jane that she’s come to care about Petra.

          Petra explains that Milos started out as a nice guy, giving her a precious violin. But it’s when the present Milos replaces that first violin with the wrong kind, the exact mistake Petra made telling the story, that Petra realizes that Milos is bugging her room. She doesn’t feel safe enough not to marry him and goes through with it. Afterwards we find out that he doesn’t just want a tax shelter, he wants to be able to commit crimes and not have Petra be able to testify against him.

Rafael tries to get in to see Magda to get help in stopping the wedding, but Magda will only agree to see Jane. She does eventually disclose that Milos was an internet criminal and they are able to gather evidence onto a flash drive. Unfortunately, Petra figures out Milos is bugging her before she can use it. I loved how they really played up Magda’s rather ridiculous accent as Jane tries to understand Magda’s admonition to be “Very ‘vary’”….

Before Alba’s immigration status is held up by Xo’s felony conviction, the show actually does tackle this sensitive issue. Xo and Jane relate the story of a neighbor who was deported suddenly, leaving behind her daughter. The lawyer tells them that “immigration laws are constantly changing.” And then the subtitle #Vote #Vote #Vote!

Jane and Xo run down Zed to try to get him to come forward to tell the truth about the ring. I loved the scene with the two working together and Rodriguez is wonderful in this scene as we see Jane able to more successfully get through to Zed. I loved that he’d renamed himself Jon Snow – because he’s protecting his wall – more tagging/graffiti! – and because he sells snow – cocaine! And of course, his policy in talking to the cops? I know nothing. Zed won’t come forward, but does give Jane a medical marijuana chocolate bar… which Alba and Xo eat before they are supposed to meet the State’s Attorney. Alba and Xo stoned are hilarious!

Meanwhile, Jane runs into Michael and imagines running up to him with both their hearts glowing and telling him he’s the one – but she doesn’t. Rafael keeps stalling Jane and he even made her a memory book of Mateo’s first weeks. It’s his turn to see the writing on the wall. Rafael once again tells Jane that Michael is not a good guy – that he’s shady and has it out for Rafael.

Michael is secretly being investigated by his new partner Suzanne (Megan Ketch). The Lieutenant discovers that Michael let Nadine (Azie Tesfai) go and Michael assumes it was Rafael who told them. His career means everything to him, so he goes after Rafael. This scene is really well done and I particularly liked how it cut back and forth with Petra’s wedding – especially with the breaking of the ceremonial glass at the same time Michael and Rafael break the table and glass vase and Mateo is injured.

Everyone is horrified but the damage is done. Alba is now full of remorse for having pushed Xo away when she needed her, resulting in her stealing the ring at 18. Jane also asks herself, “What type of mother doesn’t put her child first?

This leads to Jane deciding that she can’t be with either Michael or Rafael. Michael breaks into his Lieutenant’s computer and discovers it’s some guy named Eric Wu (Jonathan Ohye) who informed on him. Not Rafael. He goes to apologize to Jane and he admits that he let his feelings for Rafael cloud his judgment. It’s too little too late. The scene in which she tells Michael is heartbreaking. Both Dier and Rodriguez are fantastic in this scene as the heartbreak in each is palpable.

The three Villanueva women once again gather to support each other. Jane has Mateo in her lap and he smiles at them for the first time. Jane ends the episode as she began it – both laughing and crying.

Michael returns to the station only to be kicked off the force. He’s truly lost everything. The episode ends with Nadine suddenly appearing in the backseat of his car and holding a gun to his head! The narrator informs us “This is way too stressful! I’m out!” And of course, then so are we!

This was another fast paced, enjoyable episode. I love that they can get high-profile guests like Britney Spears, but it’s the core cast who really keep me coming back week after week. What did you think of the episode? Favorite scene? Line? Do you think Jane should have gone with Michael? Did she make the right decision?

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