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How To Get Away With Murder - Season 2 Fall Finale - Post-Mortems

Post-mortem 1 with Alfred Enoch
For the second year in a row, Wes tried to get away with (attempted) murder.
Wes (Alfred Enoch) turned out to be Annalise's (Viola Davis) shooter on Thursday's winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder -- but not without some heavy begging and deliberate taunts from Annalise. After Asher (Matt McGorry) runs over Sinclair (Sarah Burns) in a rage over his dad's suicide, Annalise forces the Keating 5 to stage it and pin it on Catherine (Amy Okuda). At the last minute, Annalise realizes the only way it will fly is if she were shot too. When Connor (Jack Falahee), Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Laurel (Karla Souza) and Wes refuse to shoot her in the leg, she finally tells Wes that Rebecca is dead. Pissed-off Puppy then shoots her right in the stomach.
But before he could put another bullet in her, Annalise croaks, "Christophe" -- Wes' real name. Cue flashback of kiddie Wes (spot-on casting, if you ask us) being interrogated about his mother's death. Cut to Eve (Famke Janssen) asking a dreaded Annalise, "What did we do?"
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We caught up with Enoch to get his thoughts on the two big reveals and what's next.
When did you find out you were the shooter?

Alfred Enoch: When I got that script! I thought it was a really cool scene. It was fun to play. I thought it would be good. I just like the fact that Wes gets to find out the truth about his main objective of the season: What happened to Rebecca? That was the most important person in his life and she disappeared. The context of that -- I get it, I get his reaction. It's totally understandable. I was happy for him. [Laughs] Does that sound weird? I'm happy he shot her. It was almost like he was waiting for that moment but didn't know it.

He shot to kill!

Enoch: Yeah! Well, in my mind, I'm like, "Fair enough." Why wouldn't he after all she's done? He already suspected she was up to something. It was definitely meant to kill her.

Post-mortem 2 with Pete Norwalk
Ask How to Get Away With Murder creator and executive producer Pete Nowalk if he loves or hates his job, and his answer will depend on the show’s most recent episode. “I’m really proud of [the fall finale], but yeah, it could all come crashing down,” he admits.
Such are the perils of juggling at least a dozen intense mysteries — involving multiple dead bodies, childhood traumas, coverups, hookups and a recently fired gun that seems to contain the fingerprints of every major character.

Then again, “if we’re gonna go off the air,” Nowalk says, with a laugh, “I’d rather go out with a bang than to go down because it was boring.”

TVLine caught up with Nowalk late Thursday night – just after Episode 9 aired on the East Coast — to dish the “Christoph,” mystery, Asher’s dark decision, Annalise’s gunshot wound and the multiple “dangling chads” that’ll be dealt with when the show returns Feb. 11 (10/9c on ABC).

Every series regular character could or should be behind bars at this point. Does that make you anxious? Does it upset you? Is your series finale eventually going to take place in hell?

[Laughs] Oh my God, aren’t we already in Hell? Yes, it makes me anxious for the characters. It doesn’t make me anxious for the show. The car is just driving into a skid here, and what Bonnie said in the middle of the episode is true: “We say we’re just protecting ourselves, but there’s a point when we’re the ones people need to be protected from.” That point has happened. They are all immersed in this crazy, criminal behavior. They’re dangerous. And they have a lot to deal with in terms of their guilt and their conscience when we come back [in February].