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Grimm - Clear and Wesen Danger - Review

This season Grimm offers a serialized series, don't you think? Clear and Wesen reprises the events from the season premiere with Adalind coming back home from the hospital and Nick being off from work at the precinct, but still on board regarding this mysterious Wesen war. Meanwhile, Hank has a new partner while Monroe and Rosalee help the newly parents with their home issues.

The Wesen of the week. A brutal murder shakes Portland as Nick & the Scooby Gang realize it's connected to the Wesen war that Agent Chavez had been announced. I have to say that the fake poor employee who killed his CEO seemed pretty convinced during his performance with the police. He says Hank and detective Pogue, his new partner, how he was so scared when he saw his boss dead. While Pogue is sure he's innocent, Hank and Wu doesn't trust the man. But he needs Grimm Nick to see if he can woge into a Wesen.

Nick and Adalind. He's doing the best he can for baby Kelly and his mom. Living in the house with your former enemy who's now the mother of your child must not be easy. At all. Also his house if full of memories with Juliette: their bedroom, their bathroom, their living room. Remember that everything happened more or less two days ago, and now he's moving in with another woman. It's time for Nick to ponder Monroe's advice: move in another house and leave all those memories behind, so he can start a new life again.
Also how cute were Rosalee and Monroe preparing things for Nick and Adalind? They even talked about the future possibility of having their own child one day. I hope those two will get finally a happy family as they wished. Last year was terrible for both of them.
Back to Nick and Adalind, they're trying to adjust their life together and share a cute moment, maybe their first since they've met. Nick learns Adalind doesn't like tomatoes, Adalind learns he's a good cooker. Their moment is interrupted when Hank calls Nick for the muder case.

Left alone, Adalind receives Rosalee's visit and they start talking about the baby and Nick. One of the biggest questions is around Kelly: is he going to be a Hexenbeist or a Grimm? What if he's a human instead? Also Adalind doesn't want to be a Hexenbeist anymore and she's afraid of loosing Nick because she can't do this alone - with no money and no job. My question is: are they moving too fast? I hope that Nick and Adalind's relationship grows very slow. I don't want anything forced between the two.

Back to the precinct, Hank and Wu's suspictions were right: Paul, the killer, is a Wesen and he woges in front of Nick. Things get complicated when their suspect escapes and kills two U.S. Marshall. Also the FBI is investigating Chavez's murder and has some questions for Nick. Fortunately, he manages to make up a story, but the FBI agents don't trust him.
Anyway, the murder case rises other questions when a woman, Betty, the victim's assistant, reveals to be a Wesen and drop a mysterious message that the Scooby Gang can't completely translate.
Another big question regarding Martin Meisner: what is he doing? Does he have Diana? What if there's Trubel in that cell we saw at the end of the episode? I hope we'll get some answers soon.

What are your theories? Share your comments below.

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