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Grimm - Clear and Wesen Danger - Advance Preview + Teasers

It's such a bloody episode. Ew. You can't rest while watching Grimm season five because it seems that every episode is linked to another. In Clear and Wesen Danger, Nick tries to embrace his new status as a father and meanwhile he's dealing with his Grimm issues. But family comes first and he decides to make some big changes in his life in order to keep his child Kelly and Adalind safe. Monroe and Rosalee help the new parents, while, Captain Renard assigns Hank a new partner as they investigate a brutal murder at an investment group.
The episode is very intense, so I did the best to write some teasers without giving too much away, but I will assure you. You need to watch this episode. Season 5 looks very intense. Also I'm looking forward to the war in Wesens world.

Some teasers from the episode:

- Most of the action takes place in the night;
- There's some blood on the phone;
- Adalind has a rude awakening;
- We meet Hank's new partner and we won't like it;
- Nick's house has a lot of (Juliette's) memories;
- Nick and Adalind have their first friendly conversation;
- Ouch, troubles in Grimm-Paradise.

Some quotes:

"Something is coming and we need to be prepared."

"It's hard to know what's inside somebody."

"You mean move?" "I mean get the Hell out of here."

"I know you're a Wesen."

"What part of 'time-off' don't you understand?"

"I don't mean to scare you of, but you're the only friend I have." "Not scare at all."

"Congratulations on your baby."

"Not even a Grimm can stop what's coming."

Excited for episode 2? Share your comments below and if you have some questions, I'll try to answer.

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