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Greatest American Hero Remake & Megachurch Drama - In Development at FOX

Untitled Megachurch Drama

Fox has put in development an untitled mystery megachurch family drama project from writer Julian Breece and 20th Century Fox TV. This marks the first network sale for Breece who previously created webseries Buppies and sold it to BET where his dramedy spec What Would Dylan Do? went to pilot starring Kelly Rowland.

In the untitled Fox project, when a celebrity televangelist dies mysteriously, his family fights to salvage their Houston-based megachurch and “inspirational” media enterprise. Their cause is disrupted when the pastor’s illegitimate son (with a criminal past) returns to stake his claim on his father’s legacy.

Breece grew up in a large black church in Washington, DC, with family who were religious, but always accepting of him as an openly gay young man. Breece became interested in the world of celebrity preachers after visiting a popular megachurch in Southern California, feeling that the super-sized, high-tech, high-energy world be the perfect backdrop for a dramatic series about people striving to inspire others while struggling with personal issues of loss, identity and the primordial battle of good vs. evil.

Greatest American Hero Remake

EXCLUSIVE: In a preemptive buy, Fox has given a pilot production commitment to Greatest American Hero, a single-camera comedy inspired by Steven J. Cannell’s 1981 cult classic. It hails from Dope writer-director Rick Famuyiwa, Phil Lord & Chris Miller– the directing duo behind the successful Fox logofeature franchise based on another ’80s TV series by Cannell, 21 Jump Street — and Cannell’s daughter, television director Tawnia McKiernan. 20th Century Fox TV, where Lord and Miller are under an overall deal, is the studio.

Written and to be directed by Famuyiwa, Greatest American Hero is the story of what happens when great power is not met with great responsibility. An ordinary man, completely content with being average, wakes up with a superpower suit he never asked for and has to deal with the complications it brings his life.

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