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CSI: Cyber - Hack E.R. - Review: "A Mad Doctor, A Hacked Morphine Drip, and Elisabeth Shue"

This week's episode of CSI: Cyber featured a mad doctor, a hacked morphine drip, and Elisabeth Shue! What a combination!

The case of the week followed the team's attempt to discover the identity of a hacker terrorizing a hospital in Dallas. After working their magic, the team learns that the hacker is actually a disgruntled doctor seeking revenge after being turned down for a promotion. Meanwhile, Avery reunites with a friend of her deceased daughter, DB tries to work through his issues over the death Julie Finlay from the CSI mothership, and Elijah is benched for his mishandling of the case from last week's episode.

Overall, this episode was a good installment. However, the hacker's motivation for terrorizing the hospital did not make all that much sense to me. In her speech in which she admitted to what she did, the doctor waffled on about how many people she helped throughout her career. With this in mind, it makes little sense that she would target patients in her attack against the hospital. Why not go after the people with whom she was really mad, like the woman who got a promotion over her? I suppose the only way to integrate the technology featured in the episode would be to have the hacker target patients. Still, though, the execution of her plan did not seem to match the motivation for her crimes.

The introduction of the young woman who was a friend of Avery's deceased daughter seemed to come out of left field. The show's writers did not really take the time to let this story breathe. Scenes involving the woman only occurred at the very beginning and the very end of the episode. Hopefully, the writers will expand upon this story in future episodes, as it seemed random and had very little payoff at the end.

It was great to see this episode follow up on the death of Julie Finlay, which occurred off-screen prior to the CSI series finale. Finn's death barely got a mention in the mothership's TV movie, so it was nice to see the writers expand upon this element of DB's story. He and Finn had such a close relationship. For the writers to never bring this up would have been both odd and unfortunate. I am glad we received some closure on this front.

Overall Episode Grade: 7 Megabytes Out of 10
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