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CSI: Cyber - Corrupted Memory - Review

This week's episode of CSI: Cyber featured an interesting concept that was, unfortunately, weighed down by lackluster execution.

The case of the week saw Avery, DB, Elijah, and Raven heading to Tampa to investigate the death of a young woman who was murdered in her home while video-chatting with her parents. The team realizes that a voyeur (played by 90210's Matt Lanter) has been cyber-stalking the woman by using her WiFi-enabled sex toy to plant malware in her computer (yes...I'm dead serious...that's actually what happened). Believing him to be the killer, the team hunts him down after he escapes police custody. The episode concludes with a final showdown between police and the voyeur, at which time it is revealed that the woman's boss/family friend killed her, not her stalker. Having grown obsessed with the victim, the voyeur tries to shoot the killer, only to be taken down by Elijah. The killer doesn't get off scot free, as the woman's father shoots him instead. Meanwhile, this week's subplot found Brody dealing with his estranged brother, who pressures to get information about a possible raid on his law firm by the FBI. Unable to look beyond past events, Brody decides not to help his brother.

Coming out of the gate, this episode started off strong. The whole hacked sex toys angle is really weird and kinky and just screams classic CSI. However, this installment quickly devolved. The plot started to become a little nonsensical when it was revealed that the voyeur wasn't the killer. The episode concluded without really telling us why the woman's boss murdered her. That bit of info was tacked on to the end without any build up or payoff. I understand why Matt Lanter's character wasn't written as the killer. That would have been too obvious. However, in my opinion, it would have made more narrative sense to have him go down for the crime rather than introduce another suspect at the very last minute.

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