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Chicago PD - Climbing Into Bed & You Never Know Who's Who - Review

After a botched spur-of-the-moment undercover operation, Ruzek finds himself in the stickiest of situations. When Ruzek’s CI, Conway, tells him about a potential robbery, Ruzek goes in as the wingman. Things don’t go according to plan (of course) and Frank (the robber) commandeers Ruzek’s truck and crashes it into a family restaurant killing several people, including the co-owner of the restaurant. Oh, and Frank gets away (obviously, or there would be no need for this episode).

The robbery actually took place in a jewelry store next to the restaurant. The crew expertly cut holes in the walls to avoid any cameras. So the first suspicion is that it’s an inside job. The poor man (co-owner as well?) who lost his wife is so broken up. Also, he looks a bit like Stephen Spielberg. But the son? Thou dost protest too much, methinks.

Conway is brought in to use as bait for Frank. Unfortunately, things don’t end so well for Conway and Frank is still in the wind. The son, Jordan, has some business with a shady pet store owner, which helps the team track down Frank. I want to take a brief second to applaud Atwater and his skills of persuasion. Lesson learned this episode: Don’t let yourself be “interrogated” by Atwater. Well of course, Jordan did protest a bit too much. While he never intended for his mom to die, he was behind the robbery with Frank.

If there’s anyone to have in your corner in a sketchy situation, it’s Voight. He’s protective of his unit, and as we know, his connection with Ruzek’s family goes back a long way. Even though Ruzek is stripped of his badge (temporarily), Voight never stops believing him, never stops fighting for him (along with Platt, who can do anything).

Ruzek is a good cop and shows a lot of potential, but scenarios like this remind us that he is still relatively new to all of this. While the majority of the unit is at the detective level, Ruzek is not. I’m hoping we see more of his story over the next couple of seasons, gradually moving towards him becoming a detective.

In the second hour, Burgess works overtime and stumbles upon a dead guy in a government vehicle with her temporary partner, Price. If Price’s lines alone determined age, he would be a 15 year old. The deceased is Victor Cullen, whose weapon arsenal could arm a small country. Victor’s girlfriend intentionally left his body in the park because Victor claimed the agency (as in, Central Intelligence) would find him. One problem, no one seems to have heard of him.

Genius Mouse is able to tag and search Victor’s stockpile and finds a few unsolved murders connected to the guns. Things only get weirder when Victor’s body is stolen from Chicago Med and 3 more armored cars registered in Cullen’s name are missing. Oh, no big deal, the unit finds one of Victor’s associates dismembering his body. This case is weird, guys.

As it turns out, Victor is not CIA. He worked for them for a short time before being let go. Victor suffered from delusional disorder and honestly believed he worked for the CIA and recruited others as well. These guys are of course slow to believe they don’t actually work for the CIA, and the unit spends the rest of the episode tracking them down. So basically, Alias. This is Alias. These poor guys are like Sydney Bristow, thinking they work for the CIA only to find out everything they’ve put their life into was an illegal operation. Also, I miss Alias. I binge-watched that in college and was so disappointed when I wasn’t recruited after graduation. Anyway, the unit has a tough time convincing these men that they actually don’t work for the CIA. This episode was different from most, in that the team wasn’t looking to catch “bad” guys. I’m still not sure how I felt about the case this week, but all around, it was a good episode.


When Roman asks for a few days off (for the surgery to help the kid with cancer), Platt is her usual sarcastic self. “Where you headed? Oh wait, wait. Let me guess. You splurged on an air B&B cabin out at Chain O’ Lakes and you and your high school pals are going pretend to fish and play grab-ass…” Love her. But then when she finds out he’s donating, says, “I’m really proud of what you’re doing. So you take as long as you need and keep your vacation. That’s what being a servant to this city is all about.”

The boy’s condition has gotten worse, and sadly, all they can do is make him comfortable. Side note: we’ve seen the doctor on the case several times before, but he’s not going to be a regular on Chicago Med. Why?!? I think he was part of the original cast for the show back over a year ago, so what happened?

Anyway, back to Platt. She shows that big heart of hers and pulls off a make-a-wish type day for the little boy. The whole thing, thanks to Platt, was very touching. I know it’s tough to give all of these characters the spotlight they deserve, as it’s a big cast and they all deserve focus. But I’d like to see more of Platt, and a few Platt-centric stories. Later, in the second hour, Platt shows her comedic side again with Burgess, saying, “Burgess, we’re like sisters! We can share our problems!” All the awards to Platt.

Things are not all sunshine and daises between Ruzek and Burgess. It's not bad, but it’s not going as well as it could (or should) be. In the second hour, things do seem to get better, but I still don’t think these two are going to end up together. At least, not anytime soon. Meanwhile, there’s something brewing between Roman and Burgess. It wouldn’t be surprising for Roman to have feelings for her, it’s kind of a habit of his to fall for his partners. But I’m starting to see it on her end too, and I don’t know how I feel about it. I love them as partners and don’t hate the idea of a romance, but I don’t that I’m for it either.

The DNA test is back for Michelle and Olinsky. I really like Michelle! I’m glad she’s found a place for herself and seems to be getting settled. As predicted, Olinsky tears up the results without looking at them. While I’m glad he tore it up for Michelle’s sake, it’s sure to have repercussions with his wife and Lexi.

“Hey, do you have a couch guy?” A couch guy? Who has a couch guy? Erin, just come right out with it and ask if he wants to play Scrabble.
“What’s in it for me?”
*Eyebrow raise and slight smile*
“I’ll make some calls.”

Never mind, Halstead can read between the lines. Scrabble is definitely in the future for these two. Foreplay involving purchasing a couch…well that’s new, but I’m certainly not going to complain. Halstead helps Lindsay move her new couch in and pleads his case a bit (not that it’s necessary). He compares himself to the function and form combo of the couch with, “You got both…like me. I have rugged good looks plus a razor sharp mind.” Yes, he does indeed. Lindsay didn’t need much convincing…she gets that game of Scrabble going pretty quickly.

In the second hour, Lindsay tells Halstead that the Scrabble session was a one-time deal. Yeah, sure. After the case, Chicago Fire’s Herrmann tells Halstead that Cindy (his wife) wants to set him up, but he’s not interested. When Erin shows up, he asks, “Why are we dancing around it? Voight doesn’t have a problem with it. Everybody knows. So we are we still trying to hide it?” She makes a slight joke, “Do you want to hold my hand in public now?” No, Erin. He wants to actually be a couple. Finally! Guys, this is a big moment. We’ve all seen the chemistry between these two, going all the way back to the pilot episode. But this is the first time they’ve done something about it in public, making it real. They leave Molly’s with arms wrapped around each other and I cannot wait to see how this unfolds.

What did you think of the double episode? Will Ruzek and Burgess make it? How will Olinsky handle Michelle, his wife, and Lexi moving forward? Will Halstead and Lindsay last? Share your thoughts below!

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