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Chicago Fire - Regarding This Wedding - Review

Chaplain Orlovsky is back! As excited as I was to see him again, I couldn’t focus much on his return. Right off the bat, it’s an emotional moment for Dawson. Kudos to Monica Raymund, she was stellar in this scene. And so much for speculating how the show would move forward with Dawson at Arson…she’s back on Truck. She’s also trying to move on, and Riddle won’t let her. He’s just the worst. He’s sidelining Dawson because she’s a woman, he’s got some serious issues with Severide, and he’s starting a vendetta against Boden. Riddle has aspirations to become the fire commissioner, which I believe is the highest ranking position in the department. Because of his goals and all around horrible human being-ness, he makes it his mission to go after 51. He’s not my favorite…

On the first call of the night, 51 saves a couple about to get married from a fire. The bride is fine, but the groom is taken to Chicago Med (hello, Halstead and April) and it’s touch and go for a while, but he thankfully ends up okay. Jimmy does so well! He’s definitely solidifying his position not only in the house but as Casey Jr. I hope to see some serious mentoring.

Sylvie asks Boden if they can host a wedding for the couple at the firehouse, and because of Riddle breathing down his neck, he refuses. You can tell he wanted to say yes, but he’s in a tough place. After hearing how he’s treated Gabby (and really, because he wanted to), Boden tells the house they will host the wedding.

While assigning duties, Sylvie has my favorite line of the night. She asks Squad to handle the music, and Severide makes a remark about having a iPod. “No. Nice try, it’s a wedding not a slumber party. I think you can do better than that.” Sass! I love it. You know what goes well with sass? Severide. (I have my feet planted firmly aboard this ship, guys.)

As usual, the house comes together in a touching moment for the couple. We all know it and saw it on incredible display last week, but this house is a family. When the show started, the house was fractured and Casey and Severide didn’t get along. While it’s tough to see someone like Riddle trying to tear the house apart, it’s nice to see the house standing strong, together.


Severide graduated his leadership class and is itching to get his lieutenant position back. Riddle obviously prefers Patterson, so it’s a losing battle for Severide. Riddle puts Severide in a position where he has to choose between his lieutenant position (by throwing Boden under the bus) and his house (agreeing with Boden). Because of the wonderful man he is, Severide takes Boden’s side.

“I think we’ll let Severide stay where he is for a while and reassess down the road,” says Riddle. To make matters worse, Patterson doesn’t back up Severide. Dang it! I really hoped Patterson had turned over a new leaf. Lord knows there’s plenty of them in my yard if he’d like to. To make things more interesting, Riddle hints Patterson my find himself in a Chief position (Boden’s) very soon. Well, not if I have anything to say about it.

Later at Molly’s, the house sees an interview Patterson gave regarding the wedding. Basically, he made it seem as if the whole thing were his idea. No one was happy about it, least of all Boden. Safe to say Patterson is out of the poker group.

While I don’t think everything between Casey and Dawson will be easy moving forward, they do seem to be doing well for the time being. Dawson isn’t shutting Casey out, and he’s all in with their relationship. Even though losing the baby was awful, I’m hoping that it only brings them closer. Similar to what Herrmann told Gabby, their day is coming.

Aca-scuse me? Capp used to get his Pitch Perfect on as a member acapella group. This is almost as good as Cruz being a Zumba instructor. Capp is terrible though, sadly. But do you know who isn’t terrible? Sylvie. Girl can sing. Cruz begs her to sing at the wedding so Capp won’t show off his rusty pipes and she reluctantly agrees. And in either a nice gesture or cunningly clever, Patterson offers to accompany her on the guitar.
Chili took her flirting game to a whole new level this week and I’m so glad she did. Jimmy and Chili are adorable and I hope this doesn’t fizzle out. A paramedic and a candidate…flashbacks to the early days of Dawson and Mills, anyone? Anyway, it will be interested to see how this relationship will move forward. Chili is vehemently against marriage, while Jimmy is not.

Next week, the rivalry between Severide and Patterson will finally come to a head. At the end of this episode, Severide tells Casey, “It’s either him or me, and I’m not going anywhere.”

What did you think of the episode? Will Patterson stick around or will Severide finally get his position back? Are Chili and Jimmy a good match? Will Riddle drive Boden out? Share your thoughts below!

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