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Arrow / The Flash Crossover - New Promotional Photo & Interview

Thanks to ODA for the heads up.

BARRY’S GAL IS SITTING THIS ONE OUT | “Sorry, fans,” says Candice Patton, but Iris is “actually not involved at all. I know that’s quite a disappointment to a lot of people, but she’s not involved in the crossovers that we have explored thus far. It doesn’t mean that we won’t ever see that. We know that crossovers have been extremely popular in our universe … so I’m sure we’ll have more.” Also not having much to do during the upcoming event: Joe West and Captain Lance. (Guess you don’t need cops when you have… Legends.)

THE CRIMSON COMET RETURNS | Although Jay Garrick “does not have interaction with the crossover characters, he very much has a story,” Teddy Sears reports. Per the official Flash episode synopsis, Harrison develops a serum to help Barry run faster, and asks Jay to test it out. (Hmm, could someone be getting their superspeed back?) Yet it’s a different character Sears wishes he had a scene with during the two-parter. “My first job was on a soap opera, One Life to Live, with Brandon Routh (who plays Ray Palmer/The Atom),” he shares. “We both were hired about the same time, and fired about the same time for probably being equally as terrible and not really knowing what we were doing. So I was hoping that we could to have some stuff, just ’cause I haven’t seen him in a long time and it could be really funny.”