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The Walking Dead - JSS - Advance Preview

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   Hey walkers fans, finally our favorite show has returned. Last week, The Walking Dead offered us a epic and intense 90 minutes premiere. It was probably one of the best episode ever.
   IMO, "First Time Again" was perfect, from the cinematography (the black and white scenes were really gorgeous. I hope they will use b&w for all the flashbacks now), to the action packed scenes (the walkers exodus far from Alexandria) and of course Rick and Morgan’s relationship (it was one of the highlight of the episode). Morgan’s such a compelling character, he really brings something new to the show. He’s the perfect match for Rick and their relationship will definitely impact and change the lives of the survivors.
    And of course, the premiere ended on a crazy cliffhanger. Horns in Alexandria ??!! Who did that ? Well, the next episode, titled "JSS" airing this Sunday, on AMC will answer that burning question and of course it’ll raise way more.

   Following the premiere steps, "JSS" is another intense and thrilling episode. Honestly, it felt like a 90 minutes episode again with all the things happening. And as I’m heading to London for a short vacation, I don’t have much time to write so here’s a list of what you can expect from "JSS":

- The opening scene will surprise you. There will be only one character appearing.
- A new character will be introduced : Denise (Merritt Wever) ! She’s fun, in her own special way. She’s the new doctor in Alexandria. It only took me one minute to really like her. She has a lot of potential.
- Okay so everybody knows I’m quite a big fan of Carol, I have no problem admitting it. And well, in "JSS", Carol will show why she’s such a great and compelling character. She will have definitely more importance in this episode than in the premiere. Carol will surprise you, one more time just by how resourceful and smart she can be. I admire what’s going through her mind, she’s always so focused on one thing : surviving and keeping her group safe.
- Deanna will make a questionable call regarding a situation in Alexandria.
- If you have no idea what JSS means, well be reassured, it will be explained by the end of the episode. Hint: it’ll be written on someone’s hand and on a window.
- Some characters will take some time to take care of themselves and cut their hair. (I know you’re all secretly hoping someone is finally cutting Carl’s hair !)
- Maggie and Deanna will continue their new relationship, as Maggie Vice Leader of Alexandria / Special Counselor to Deanna. I really liked their pairing in the premiere and in "JSS", they’ll be still as interesting. Maggie is a great help to Deanna, she’s calm and thoughtful like her, but she knows what’s happening outside, in the real world. She’s not in the Alexandria bubble like Deanna.
- In "JSS" a character will demonstrate that there is nothing you can’t eat when you’re hungry and surviving. Even the weirdest animals.
- There will be a talk about cowardice from some characters and it will be quite a recurrent theme in "JSS".
- Carl will spend some quality time with his little sister. They’re so cute together. The new Carl is so much better. Now, a new young character reminds me of annoying Carl of season 1 & 2.
- A surprising character will ask to be taught how to fight
- Morgan’s little talk with Carol from the premiere will come back to play. They're clearly different. and their relationship will be more explored in Sunday’s episode. Let’s just say it’ll be one of the many highlights of the episode.
- From the press release, there will be new problem arising in Alexandria in "JSS", I won't say much about it but let's just say the tension will be so high, even higher than last week. It might be the most intense episode of The Walking Dead.

   "JSS" will be another amazing episode of The Walking Dead. Seriously, it wowed me several times, definitely more than the premiere. It will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat for 45 minutes.
   After an explosive season premiere, The Walking Dead keeps up with the fast paced action, and of course the meaningful conversation between characters. I don’t think it was possible but it is, "JSS" might be even better than the premiere. If The Walking Dead continues like that, we’re heading to another epic and amazing season.
   You can not miss "JSS" so tune in on AMC this Sunday 18th in the US, and on FOX TV on Monday 19th in the UK.

   Are you excited about “JSS” ? Who you think is behind the horns from last week’s episode ? Are you most looking forward this season ? Hit the comments !
   And finally, the quotes game ! Guess who will say those quotes. (each quote is from a different character) Have fun !

1- "That's why we're here, for each other"
2- "I can't go in there"
3- "How do you just live knowing that’s the world"
4- "Don’t tell me goodbye"
5- "You live with it or it’ll eat you up"
6- "I heard that story"
7- "I could have stopped him"
8- "Shut up, you're safe here"
9- "He’s my friend"
10- "I’m not very good with guns"

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