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The Walking Dead - Here's Not Here - Advance Preview

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   Last week, The Walking Dead was particularly spectacular, shocking and emotional. There were a lot of deaths, but the most tear jerking moment was of course Glenn’s.
   Honestly, I really hope he’s dead. I get, from the gifs and the internet theories that walkers didn’t eat him but probably ate up Nicolas’ body. I’m fine with that, but how in hell could he survive from all that walkers with no place to run ? They just ate Nicolas and it was enough for them ? Glenn is now hiding himself under the dumpster, until all the walkers go somewhere else because they didn’t smell him and they have other things to do than eat up people now ? Seriously, I don’t think there’s a logic and realistic reason to explain Glenn’s survival from this situation. If characters surrounded by walkers can survive now, the show will lost a lot of its interest.
   Plus, Glenn as a character was great at first but since one/two seasons, he has not been that great. His death could be very different from the comics and it could a great move, because now we could expect another character to have the same destiny than Glenn’s character in the comics.
   I'll be very disappointed in the show if Glenn really survived that moment.

   Anyways, the question whether Glenn is alive or not will be answered soon (I hope)… But it won't be next Sunday as "Here’s Not Here", airing this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK, will be all about Morgan and what happened to him before he got in the safe zone !
   "Here’s Not Here" will be very different from the first three episodes of the season. First, it's a "now/then" episode, with lots of flashback of Morgan. The pace is also very different and the setting is totally new. The episode is definitely less action packed but it doesn’t mean it won’t be an intense episode, it is definitely intense but more in a emotional way.
   It might seem odd at first to have a Morgan flashback episode just after last week big moment with Glenn, but actually, by the end of the episode, it will totally make sense why Gimple chose to put this episode right after "Thank You", and it will also tie up with "JSS" and what Morgan did in it. Morgan has really changed since he last really saw him in "Clear" (I'm not counting his small appearances last season, as they didn't give much on his psychology at the time). It was really obvious two weeks ago, when he didn't want to kill the Wolves, and revealed he knew at least one of them. "Here's Not Here" will explore what happened to him and what changed him.

    So, here are some teasers from "Here’s Not Here” :
- We will learn how Morgan first got his wooden stick and also how he got to be so good with it. Did you think he lied when he told Rick about who trained him ?
- A goat will play a big part in the episode. And actually, I grew quite fond of her
- Walkers on fire are baaaaack ! I just freaking love them !
- A special book will be very meaningful for a character. It's not a big book but it's very powerful and straight to the point.
- A cemetery will be shown and we will be surprised by who are in the graves.
- Someone will use blood zombies as ink to write words on rocks, trees etc. Just like in "JSS", it’s like the twitter of the Apocalypse. I guess people miss writing and communicating.
- Morgan won’t be all alone during the whole episode ! I was afraid it would happen and then a 90 minutes episode would be a torture. Luckily, he will meet with different people, but he will make a special relationship with one of them.
- Someone will reveal to be a vegetarian. I’m serious, I didn't think it would matter after a zombies apocalypse.
- Trust will be one of the main theme of the episode, along with evilness and what makes us human. The exploration of these different themes will be perfect and so well written.
- There will be a shocking moment ! You probably won’t see it coming, as I did. I almost jumped out of my chair watching it.
- And there will also be a heart breaking, emotional and tear jerking moment.
- 47 days will have a special meaning for a character.
- There’s a very good reason why Morgan will share about his past whereabouts in "Here's Not Here", and you will be quite surprised by it.

   Here is a very meaning, captivating and powerful episode. Emotionally, it will be great ride. In my opinion, it's one of the most beautiful episode of The Walking Dead. The writing is absolutely perfect and Lennie James is excellent as usual.
   Honestly, at first I wasn’t that much excited about a Morgan flashback episode I admit. I thought it would be a boring, filler episode, with meaningless and not that interesting scenes. Usually, those kind of episodes are my least favorite of The Walking Dead. But "Here's Not Here" totally surprised me and blew me away. The episode is so beautiful and meaningful, it’s extraordinary how The Walking Dead can pull it off, being both great at the action but also with the emotions and the characters psychology. It will be more calm than the premiere but yet you won’t see the 90 minutes go by.

   So, how excited are you about "Here’s Not Here" ? Are you thrilled to find out more about what happened to Morgan ? I really hope you'll be touched as I was by this episode.
   Don’t miss it next Sunday on AMC in the US and on Monday 2nd on FOX in the UK. Hit the comments.
  And no quotes game this week ! Sorry guys, but you’ll get it when you watch the episode ; )

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