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The Walking Dead - First Time Again (Season Premiere) - Advance Preview

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   Dear walkers fans, the long wait is almost over ! Yay ! The Walking Dead will be back Sunday 11th October on AMC with the season 6 extended premiere, titled "First Time Again".
    Six months without walkers is way too long, sure we had Fear The Walking Dead since August, it's a good show but it's not as good TWD yet. So a 90 minutes premiere is excellent news , it's a great way to start the 6th season. And The Walking Dead has a big challenge for this new season with the Alexandria storyline.
   The community storyline (and what's coming next) has been expected from the comics fans and it’s also a new setting that changes the TV show. Rick and his groups are not on the run anymore, they found the safest place yet to stay, safer place than the farm or the prison. They're now living in houses, all clean up with nice clothes.
   But as always in The Walking Dead, the biggest threats come from other people, not from the walkers. There is a huge difference between Rick and his people and the Alexandrians. They never had to survive, they stayed in their houses and they were safe thanks to the walls whereas Rick and his people went through hell to survive. The conflict between their different visions of the new world escalated quickly last season and led to a shocking scene in the finale where Morgan finally arrived in Alexandria, to see Rick executed Pete in front of everyone.

   Adding Morgan (Lennie James) in Alexandria is a brilliant choice. Morgan has a special relationship with Rick, he’s the one who first saved him when Rick didn’t know anything about the new apocalyptic world they’re in now. Both Rick and Morgan lost a lot while having to survive. It has cost them a lot to get to Alexandria.
   Rick and Morgan have an understanding of each other but clearly they have changed since they last met in season 3. Rick has become colder, he had to as he's the leader of a big group of survivors and he had to face some psychopaths (The Governor, Terminus people) ; but Morgan has survived all this time by himself, so his perspective about people is different than Rick. Morgan will clearly serve as a new moral compass in the show against Rick this season, and for once Rick might really listen. He respect Morgan.
   Rick and Morgan will both share lot of scenes together in "First Time Again", they have a lot to catch up and they also have to understand each other now, under those new circumstances. Morgan is always so wise and has pertinent words. He really brings a new dynamic to the show and to Rick. I'm sure you will be as fond as I was of their scenes and I'm sure their relationship will be a highlight of this season.

   And here’s a lit of what else you can expect from "First Time Again", the season 6 premiere :

- The opening scene of the premiere will be quite intense and terrifying. The episode will start in the middle of a very big scene, so there will be definitely a time jump from last season. But as Greg Nicotero, the director, revealed, The Walking Dead “will play with time in a non-traditional way” in the season premiere. So expect to be surprised and to keep guessing what the hell is happening. The narration of the episode is just amazing. Probably one the most entertaining and interesting episode to watch.
- There will be new images added to the opening sequence.
- The "Wolves" / "W" will be mentioned in the premiere.
- There will be a new threat coming towards Alexandria. Of course, Rick will do everything he can to protect the community but will the community let him ? It will be hard for some of them to trust him after what he pulled in the finale last season.
- Baby Judith has grown up ! She’s so cute. It's always so nice to watch her with other characters, she brings a softer and more human side to them.
- We will find out something quite interesting about the community and how it has managed to survive for so long during the zombies apocalypse.
- Morgan the Airbender will be back : ) He’s so good with his stick, and he takes care of it.
- We will be quite surprised by Maggie in the premiere, I know I was. She has changed, in a good way. She clearly has a new task and she will handle it brilliantly. Watch out for one of her monologue, it will be one of the best in the premiere.
- Have you missed watching Daryl on his bike ? Well, only one more week to wait and you'll enjoy the ride.
- The walkers are so definitely more disgusting and scarier this year than before. Time is very cruel on their dead bodies, they all look so awful. It’s even more fun to watch them being killed.
- Rick will make a choice that won’t feel right for one character close to him.
- Jessie and Rick will share a meaningful scene. Their relationship is obviously more complicated now after what happened but I'm loving Breckenridge and Lincoln chemistry on screen.
- Even though I don’t mention them all, almost characters appear in the premiere except one.
- Heath (Corey Hawkins), a new Alexandrian will be introduced. He’s a supply runner for the community. Let’s hope he won’t end up like all the black guys of the show (T-Dog, Bob, Tyreese, Noah…)

   "First Time Again" is an excellent season premiere, probably one of the best along with the season 5A premiere. Thanks to the excellent directing and the special and original narration, it will definitely set unique and different tone and atmosphere to this season. Obviously, Rick and Morgan’s relationship will play a big part but there is also this terrifying threat coming against all of them.
   Even after six seasons, The Walking Dead is still compelling. Gimple's arrival really helped the show too. he made it so much better with the perfect balance between walkers action and the character developments. The show has finally the right showrunner who can maintain the same level of high quality for a whole season (and more). The season 6 premiere won't disappoint you, once again. It'll be the perfect combination of everything that makes The Walking Dead such a unique show. So this season promises to be one of the most captivating.

   Don’t miss "First Time Again" Sunday 11th on AMC, and Monday 12th on FOX in the UK.
   Are you excited about The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere ? How thrilled are you it’s a 90 minutes episode ? What are your thoughts on Alexandria and its residents ? Hit the comments !

    And finally, the quotes game ! Guess who will say those quotes. (each quote is from a different character) Have fun !

1- "You were wrong"
2- "Thank God, nothing happened to your hair"
3- "You said you don’t take chances anymore"
4- "The longer you make me wait, the more you motivate me to beat your ass"
5- "This is terrifying."
6- "Idiot"
7- "I know it sounds insane, but this is an insane world"
8- "You always think there is one more peanut butter left"
9- "If it’s coming from you, he can’t heard it"
10- "You were right"

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