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The Vampire Diaries - Episode 7.03 - Age of Innocence - Kat Graham Interviews

“This Oscar meeting takes a violent, crazy turn,” Graham tells TVLine. “A lot is happening in the beginning of the season as we go on these little missions. This one is all about the Phoenix Stone; we’re going to learn why it’s important, what it can do and how it’s connected to other things.”

It’s going to be a big episode for Bonnie and the boys, especially when it comes to advancing her friendship with Alaric.

“Bonnie will always be a compassionate person, and she obviously knows the kind of desperation that comes from losing someone you love,” Graham points out. “When Alaric opens up to her about what’s going on [with Jo], I think you’ll get to see a really cool side to their relationship.”

Of course, the “Bamon” friendship will also gain more momentum this week. Graham says it’s “great” that “he and Bonnie have this very fun, playful relationship” because, let’s face it, “Damon doesn’t really have many people.”

How do you think Bonnie has been changed by everything that happened last season?
Kat Graham: I think she's definitely more weighted, but I also think she's somebody who feels that she has to protect herself and that she's kind of lost everything that she could have possibly lost. So I think that she now has, not necessarily a Wild West perspective, but she's a force to be reckoned with at this point. She's not scared of anyone. She'll do what she needs to do to get what she wants.

Do you think she has any regrets about killing Malcolm after the chain of events that it set off?
No. Personally, I think Bonnie always wishes that the non-violent approach always wins. But Bonnie's also fought really, really hard to get back to Mystic Falls and get back alive, and she's not going to let some hybrids take over the town. I think that if killing a character means protecting the town and protecting innocent people, she'll do it. Which is a very different Bonnie. It's a more Damon-philosophized Bonnie. Damon won't think twice about it, and they've spent so much time together she also starts to have similar perspectives as Damon. "Let's just do it. Let's just get it down. Whatever it takes."

What's next for Bonnie and Damon's relationship?
In the episode airing Thursday, Bonnie, Damon and Alaric head to Myrtle Beach and they go down to get more information. Damon has his reasons for going to Myrtle Beach. Alaric has his in terms of the Phoenix Stone. So you'll get to see their journey together and we have a lot of scenes together. It gets a little violent.

Damon is out for blood now that Lily (Annie Wersching) has Elena's body. Will Bonnie try and rein him in a little or join him in the quest to kill Oscar?
I can't reveal what Bonnie will do, but I will say that she's all about protecting that coffin as well and she doesn't want to let anything happen to it. So that's coming up in the next episode. We'll see how she deals with Lily and the history of that, which is really cool.

What can we expect from Oscar? Is he different from the other Heretics?
He is different from the other Heretics. I actually really like the character a lot. The actor that plays him has been doing a phenomenal job and he's very, very cool. Not what you expect at all, which is very cool when you open the door and you first see this Oscar character you're taken aback. And what Oscar says is even more surprising because there's a whole twist with this Oscar character as well that people are going to be a little thrown by.