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  • 01:30 - Negotiations - Legal Drama from Paul Lieberstein in Development at ABC
    Former The Office executive producer/showrunner Paul Lieberstein has sold a second broadcast project, the hourlong Negotiations. Set up at ABC through ABC Studios, Negotiations is a comedic drama about life, politics and romance in one of the world’s largest law firms. Lieberstein will write the script and will executive produce alongside 3 Arts’ Howard Klein.

  • 00:25 - Z Nation - Episode 2.06 - Zombie Baby Daddy - Promotional Photos

  • 00:15 - The Mysteries of Laura - Episode 2.05 - The Mystery of the Watery Grave - Promotional Photos

  • 00:10 - The Middle - Episode 7.05 - Land Of The Lost - Promotional Photos

  • 23:45 - Last Man Standing - Episode 5.05 - The Road Less Driven - Promotional Photos

  • 23:40 - NBC Developing Dramedy Inspired By Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis
    Texas Democratic politician Wendy Davis made national headlines in 2013, filibustering anti-abortion legislation in the local Senate. Now the former Texas Senator is poised for more national attention as the inspiration for a dramedy series in development at NBC.

    Written by Jennifer Cecil, the untitled project centers on a female Democratic Senator who, after losing the Texas governor’s race, gets her world turned upside down. In the vein of The Good Wife, while she pieces her pride back together, she goes to work in the law firm of her best friend — a black, male Republican — and discovers that with no political future to protect, she can unshackle her inner badass.

  • 21:30 - Blue Bloods - Episode 6.03 - All the News That’s Fit To Click - Promo
    Thanks to Kingeba for the heads up.

  • 20:15 - The Originals Season 3 - Joseph Morgan EW Interview
    Thanks to Bazooka for the heads up.
    “I think there was some discontent with his decision although [Klaus] would never admit it,” Joseph Morgan tells EW. “Elijah doesn’t seem ready to forgive him at the end of season 2 and certainly nothing has changed there in season 3. They are not on even talking terms. It’s very curt and functional, their relationship at the moment, and it’s all to do with looking after Hope. [The compound is] definitely not a happy place to be. Klaus is still clinging on to that idea that he was right in doing what he did. I think that’s something he clings to in general to justify these awful things he does.”

    With Hope holding the family together and Freya sticking around to help out with Hope, Morgan did say that Klaus has managed to grow a bit closer with his older sister. “Riley [Voelkel] and I have been playing toward that,” he said. “Although, the truth of the matter is she knows just as well as the rest of his family does that the decisions he made weren’t necessarily the best ones, although he believed in them at the time, so I think she’s a little torn. But at the moment she’s grateful to have a family and she doesn’t want to take sides too much at this point.”

  • 20:15 - The Player - Episode 1.04 - The Big Blind - Promotional Photos

  • 20:00 - NBC Developing Bruno Mars Produced Comedy with Music Elements
    Top singer-songwriter Bruno Mars is venturing into producing, teaming with Empire executive producer Brian Grazer for a single-camera music family comedy project, which has landed at NBC with a put pilot commitment.

    Written by Prentice Penny (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), the comedy follows a loud, boisterous, and quarrelsome family from the Bronx and what happens when they take in their wide-eyed, hopelessly optimistic 10 year old nephew. The project is not based on Mars’ life though there are elements of his background in the idea. The Grammy-winning recording star was introduced to Penny who has had a life-long passion for music, and the two came up with the concept for a music family comedy. Penny and Imagine TV’s Gracer and Francie Calfo executive produce alongside Mars and his manager Brandon Creed.

  • 19:55 - Belles & Whistles - Jack Black & Dwight Yoakam Developing Comedy with Music Elements at FOX
    Two actor-musicians, rocker Jack Black and country star Dwight Yoakam, have teamed to executive produce Belles & Whistles, a single-camera comedy with music elements, which has been set up at Fox. 20th Century Fox TV and Black’s Electric Dynamite are producing.

    Written/executive produced by Alex McAulay (Eastbound and Down), Belles & Whistles centers on an unfulfilled father who, when fired from his comfortable tech job in Silicon Valley, decides to move his dysfunctional family to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his lifelong dream of music stardom. Electric Dynamite’s Spencer Berman also executive produces.

  • 19:55 - NCIS: Los Angeles - Season 7 - Michael Weatherly Talks Crossover with TVGuide
    Thanks to Daniel for the heads up.

  • 12:00 - American Horror Story : Hotel - Premiere Available free on iTunes
    Thanks to CS for the heads up.

    You can access it here.


  • 11:15 - Life In Pieces - Episode 1.04 - Prison Baby Golf Picking - Promotional Photos

  • 11:00 - The Bastard Executioner - Episode 1.06 - Thorns/Drain - Promotional Photos

  • 04:30 - Z Nation - Episode 2.05 - Zombaby! - Promotional Photos

  • 04:30 - Rosewood - Episode 1.04 - Vandals and Vitamins - Promo

  • 04:30 - The Mysteries of Laura - Episode 2.04 - The Mystery of the Convict Mentor - Promo

  • 04:30 - The Muppets - Episode 1.04 - Pig Out - Promo feat. Ed Helms

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