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The Mindy Project - Road Trip - Review

At the ending of the previous episode, Danny found out his dad was not doing well. Therefore, he leaves to go see his father. Unfortunately, This week emphasizes more on Danny and Morgan instead of him and his father. An episode that Mindy barely has screen time on The Mindy Project doesn't necessarily mean disaster, but to not have Danny's father on the show when he mentioned about him towards the end of last week's episode made it was the weakest episode by far this season. The vomit projectile on Morgan was unnecessary along with the silent treatment between the men. The only decent thing out of the slow first half of the episode was the reference about the grave of Frasier's dog, Eddie. The second half of the episode did breathe into life, however. The reason is that I did like that there was a backstory about one of Danny's old lovers, Evelyn and her son, Eric (played by Justin Prentice). Later, it was revealed that Eric's real father actually ran away, which causes Danny to drive off. Despite this, he comes back to Eric's 16th birthday party to support him. Although they don't know each other that well, it was a sweet moment when they hugged. For Eric's birthday gift and possibly to irritate Morgan even more, Danny gives him his car since his mother mentioned that she couldn't afford a car for Eric. At the end, Danny had such a great heart towards Morgan by secretly taking a picture of him next to Eddie. Although Danny gets very annoyed by Morgan quite frequently, he enjoys his company. Though I have seen way better episodes for this still wonderful sitcom than this one, at least next week looks way better. Don't forget to watch new episodes of The Mindy Project on Tuesdays only on Hulu.