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The Mindy Project - The Bitch Is Back - Review

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4 Episodes into the season and every episode has been awesome. It begins with a jerk (Garret Dillahunt from Raising Hope) insulting Mindy and Leo on the subway. When she gets back to work from maternal leave, she rants about him to Morgan. Little does she know the jerk works in the same building as Mindy's co-workers. His name is Jody. In a surprise turn of events, everyone in the workplace adores him. The background of his story is that him and his sister, Collette (very nice to Mindy) have known Jeremy since he was 2 years old. This makes Mindy furious, but she gets even more frustrated when he takes a patient that she used to treat. Back at home, Danny understands why Mindy hates him and he isn't a fan of him. However, he claims he's a good doctor. She lets him know that she wants to get back at him for offending her.

Later on, Mindy visits Mrs. Robinson (her patient) in an attempt to get dirt on Jody. At first, it sounds like she enjoyed him until she didn't look happy when he wouldn't allow her husband to see the birth of her child because it was "unladylike". This causes Mindy to go to war. During a meeting, Mindy storms in and confronts him for being sexist. While he admits that, he defends himself to try and make himself less disgusting. This causes everyone (except Danny) to applaud him, but Mindy threatens to quit if he doesn't get fired. He wouldn't mind that happening, but now everyone (including Danny) gets mad at him for his comments. This makes her even more irritated and unintentionally spills breastfeed milk to his face. She later leaves but not before Collette apologizes for Jody's behavior. He has a hard time adjusting to New York and she lets her know he feels threaten by her, which is why he has been so hard on her. The references of where Jody thought "Duck Dynasty" would be cancelled (made by Collette) was similar to the stories of Phil Robinson's controversial (sexism) comments in December of 2013, which caused the show's ratings to gone downhill. Despite he can't get along with Mindy, Collette thinks she's cool and she wants her to stay. Good for her being nice to her instead of following him bullying Mindy.

At the end, it is implied she will go back to work, but it's an unknown date. The reason is that she wants to become a stay-at-home mom, which Danny supports. The gift that Danny ended up getting was a tattoo of Leo on his left chest, which caused Mindy to have happy tears for him. They share a sweet romantic moment together in the last scene of this wonderful episode.

Memorable Quotes:
- "A turtleneck is like what you get your aunt when she graduates from court reporter school." - Tamra

- "Jay Z’s so rich he throws his car out when it runs out of gas, and he doesn’t stop his wife from working." - Tamra

- "Ooh, you can get her a necklace that says, "100% Mom Realness" in jewels." - Tamra
- "Yeah, nah. - Okay." - Danny
- "Well, you're not allowed to cheap out on this like you did on my birthday. No Yogurtland gift card for $15." - Tamra

- "Oh, you would love that, wouldn't you? You would love it if I packed up my bags, went home, took care of my baby, and hit out, 'cause you think I should be more demure. You think I should be more ladylike. Want to see ladylike? How's this for ladylike?" - Mindy to Jody

The subplot of Danny wanting to give a gift for her was sweet. Tamra made some memorable lines especially when she made references to Jay Z and the novel Push by Sapphire. Coincidentally, the woman playing Tamra had a role in the movie version of the critically-acclaimed Push Also, Danny entertained me when he thought dancing to Smokey Robinson's "Tears of a Clown" was a perfect gift to Mindy. I loved it when Tamra gave some great tips on gifts to give to Mindy for Danny especially when she reminded him to not go cheap on her like he did with Tamra on her birthday. This episode did a wonderful job of covering sexism topics. Don't forget to watch new episodes of The Mindy Project on Tuesdays only on Hulu.

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