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The Middle - Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death - Review: "I am Not a Monster"

The Middle - Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death - Review

Last week on The Middle, Sue invited Brick to visit her campus but got distracted when Logan turned up unexpectedly. Frankie enlisted Reverend Tim-Tom's help in order to help Mike get back to his normal self after Frankie noticed he's been miserable lately, and Axel and Hutch got evicted from their house.

"One determined to know the future, one destined to know it." Brick

The Middle does a Halloween episode each year, but this one was something special. The show has never based a Halloween episode of a reenactment of another show, but it did this year and it was excellent. More than excellent even, it was this season's best episode and it also raised the bar for future Halloween episodes to come.

Brick took the spotlight this episode and starred as Rod Serling. He narrated most of the episode, and even for a comedy I did get a Twilight Zone feel to everything. From the mystery surrounding that painting looking like Brick to that Heck post box outside a neighbor's house. It was hilarious and dramatically entertaining at the same time. Seeing all the coincidences between that woman and her husband and Brick and Cindy was brilliant. Everything that happened throughout the episode felt like a Twilight Zone episode. A job well done, I say. It's not easy for a drama to pull off a Twilight Zone imitation, but for a comedy it's even harder. But The Middle did a flawless job.

Something I've noticed this season is that both Atticus Shaffer and Neil Flynn are really getting moments to shine and some great material to work with. Eden Sher and Patricia Heaton have always taken the spotlight so it's nice to see others get more focus. I love the entire cast, but last season was heavily Sue central so I'm glad the show is focusing a lot more on Mike and Brick.

Brooke Shields returned as Rita Glossner in what was a below average appearance from her. She normally has a sense of fear in her appearance so it was very surprising to see Rita afraid. It was out of character, but something that I've personally been waiting to see for a long time now. Frankie finally intimidated and stood her ground against her 'nemesis' Their rivalry has been on-going for years now, and this episode could be the turning point for them... or not. They won't ever get along, but just thinking about the many possibilities of how Rita will get her payback has me eagerly awaiting her return already.

In this episodes other sub-plot, we had Axel and Hutch alone at home with Kenny. They received a visit from 'The Grimm Reaper' or as we know as Cindy. Hutch has been a great addition to the cast, and as much as I love Sean or Darrin, Hutch has been a nice stand in for them. The reveal that the Reaper was Cindy actually surprised me. I knew it was someone from our cast, I just thought it might be Frankie to try to scare them into leaving the house and going back to campus. I probably should have thought about it being Cindy as starring and standing still is some of Cindy's main qualities. Nonetheless, it was an exciting subplot.

The highlight of the episode though was seeing Kenny for the first time in the flesh. There has always been a certain mystery to Kenny - who's under the hood or hair so to speak - so to have that taken away is a huge development for the character and the show itself. For nearly two seasons, we've watched Kenny continuously sit in the background saying nothing, even when prompted, so to have him finally speak is a big step forward. I have to wonder how revealing his face and him speaking will effect the character and will him being in the background carry the same effect as it had before?

Now we know what he looks like, I don't think there is a need for him to be lounging around in the background. That's just what I think anyway.

‘The Middle’ continued this past Wednesday with the season's best episode. The series continues to impress with its heart-warming and down to earth episodes. The added focus on Mike and Brick is great to see, and I'm loving the individual plots each episode brings. I love when the entire family is together, but seeing them separated can also be great fun too! I keep saying it, but this has to be one the most underrated shows on television. It deserves more critical acclaim and some attention from award shows.

As always, thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what you thought of Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death!

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