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The Last Kingdom - Episode 1.03 - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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As this show is an adaptation of a very well-known series of books, and of course incorporates real life historical events too, this preview for the episode covers more information than I would normally include. Therefore if you aren’t familiar with the material, or haven’t read the extensive press release already issued, then please be aware that this will contain spoilers.

Due to Uhtred’s (Alexander Dreymon) warning the Saxon army have surprised Danes at Asec’s Hill and won a decisive battle, but it has come at a cost. King Aethelred (Alec Newman) has been gravely injured during the encounter, and as we know from his exchange with Odda the Elder last week, he has named his brother Alfred (David Dawson) as his successor rather than his son.

This news does not go down well with Aethelwold (Harry McEntire), as you can imagine, especially as someone counsels the ill-prepared youth into making a push for the crown in order to further their own agenda. The play doesn’t go as planned, of course, and as Alfred takes the throne he will no doubt have to dodge the enemy within his walls who will be trying to take it away from him, as well as those hammering at his gate that are determined to see Wessex fall.

There’s no danger of the new king misunderstanding Uhtred’s intentions however; in his eyes he has proved his allegiance to the Saxon’s and as an Ealdorman he wants lands and wealth in Wessex that in time will help him gain his title back from his uncle. Alfred is a shrewd man however, he knows that a single victory over a small Viking army isn’t going to keep them at bay for too long. Therefore negotiations must be made, which means going toe to toe with the legendary, and some might say psychotic, Ubba Lothbroksson (Rune Temte).

As the old saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, and with Uhtred’s still under suspicion for slaying his adopted family – plus the humiliation of Ubba’s sorcerer last week - there’s not much chance of the Danes welcoming him with open arms right now. Uhtred may like to think he is his control of his own destiny, but as Father Beocca astutely remarks “right now you are a warrior, not a thinker,” which allows Alfred to manipulate the situation somewhat to his advantage, for now anyway.

Brida (Emily Cox) is still having a problem coming to terms with Uhtred’s plans, and has no desire to conform to any of the dull, pious Christian ways at all, which causes a number of quarrels this week. She is infuriated after their imprisonment, both at the Saxon’s for caging her and at Uhtred for betraying the Danes at Asec’s Hill, and her resentment only escalates with each perceived insult as she watches her lover grow closer to those she mistrusts.

The rift between the pair of them comes to a head after she hears that Uhtred will be training Alfred’s soldiers the art of fighting like a Dane, and he discovers that Brida has hidden her pregnancy from him, but only after she has lost their son. As they only have each other there is little choice but to stay together however, but once the couple move to Hamtun (Southampton) their prospects begin to change.

Uhtred’s dedication to the oath he has undertaken earns him the respect of the Saxon warrior Leofric (Adrian Bower), and it isn’t long before the straight-talking man forms a close bond with the outcast. There’s someone else who has taken a keen interest in what the troops are up to though, and this mysterious horseman won’t be content to watch from afar for too long either. What he is after will be the real test of Uhtred’s allegiance, and his response to what the stranger offers him may come as a surprise to even himself.

Episode 3 airs on Saturday October 24 on BBC America at 10pm, and on BBC Two on Thursday 5th November at 9pm. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. Please don’t forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“I like it Earsling, I do. Now, kill the bastard!”

“Open the door, I wish to see my father. Open the door or I’ll have your balls for slingshot!”

“No, I’m not the nephew of the king. I AM the king. But Alfred likes to pretend, and every bastard appears to happy with a lie”

“You should have taken up the king’s offer of a wife. A lady”

“I believe your father would only be too happy to whisper in your ear; whether he was conscious or not”

“If you believe that I would killed our father, our mother, and our family…take your revenge”

“We hammer them with our shields. They’re our defence and our weapon. We knock them off their feet, we’re the wall!

“The opposite. He’s alive, and he’s victorious. We defeated the Danes”

“QUIET! Don’t you involve others in your conspiracies”

“A year’s service, during which time you will help my warriors understand that the heathens are but men”

“You are giving them hope Guthrum, that is worse”

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