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The Flash - Episode 2.04 - The Fury of Firestorm - Sneak Peeks + Interviews *Updated*

New Sneak Peek

Thanks to tsukikomew for the heads up. Interview 2
We got a short glimpse of it so far, but how much Earth-2 are we going to get to see? Kreisberg: It's funny -- when we were starting to do the season, we were afraid. A lot of it by design, and a lot of it by luck, we really feel like with Season 1, we told the right story and we told it the right way, with all of the time travel stuff. So when we decided to do Earth-2, we were like, "How do we do the time travel thing and how do we not mess this up?" In the beginning, we kept it all on the backburner and we didn't show a lot of the time travel stuff so people could ease into it. Then, when we were starting to look at some of the earlier episodes, we realized we weren't starting from scratch again. People have already watched a year of "Flash" and -- even the characters on the show -- when somebody flies in front of them, they're not like, "What's happening?!" They're like, "Oh, that's probably a metahuman." Is Harrison Wells going to be the only Earth-2 doppelgänger we see, or will we have some twin action going on? Kreisberg: It's about to go doppelgänger-a-go-go on the show. [Laughs] With time travel last year, we tried to easy everyone into it, and we kind of tried to do the same thing here, where the first episode has that, "How could two guys look exactly alike?" And then Jay comes over and we established the idea of Earth-2, and then we've had it sort of playing in the background for episodes three and four, just to remind everybody that the show is still "The Flash" and you're still going to get the typical episodes that tie into the normal mythology of the show. But now, we're really going to pick up, with five and with six and with seven, the Earth-2 storyline.
Interview 1
In a departure from his predecessor, “Jax does not want to be a hero,” Drameh describes. “He does not want these powers,” but the newcomer realizes that “he has to step up and embrace it and do his job.” However, that doesn’t mean he and Stein will always get along. “It’s going to be fun to see this whole new Firestorm and just how Jax reacts with Stein,” Drameh says. “There’s a lot of back and forth, and it’s a love-hate relationship between the two.” Adds Garber: “The dynamic is very different. I miss Robbie [Amell] because I love Robbie, but I’m very happy with the casting in this department. He’s a tremendous actor and a wonderful person. Because it’s a very different dynamic, it’s completely challenging and fun to play.”

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