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The Flash - Episode 2.04 - The Fury of Firestorm - Promos + Interview *Updated*

Update 3: New Promo - Life Changing

Update 2: Canadian Promo
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Update 1: Interview Added.
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"It's not Eobard Thawne, it's actually Harrison Wells," Gustin stressed. "It's the actual guy that Barry always idolized and looked up to, but [he's] from a different world… Barry is wanting to trust him and he's actually, in a way, quicker to trust him than he was to trust Jay."

Looking ahead, Gustin revealed that Barry and Harrison will develop a "very interesting" dynamic over the first half of the season. "We’re shooting [episode] nine now, and the layers are still getting peeled back," he said "The relationship has not defined itself yet, fully."

Extended Promo