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The Flash - Episode 2.03 - Family of Rogues - Promos + Interviews

Extended Promo

52 Problems: In addition to infinite earths, we learned that there are currently 52 breaches in the fabric of reality scattered around Central City, which means 52 holes where Zoom could pop through and deposit a villain from another world.

“Yeah, it’s not good for them,” Todd Helbing admits. “But they figure out a way to control it… There are 52 breaches and Zoom can come through any of them with whoever he wants, so they have to figure out quickly how to manage the biggest threat to them.”

Victor’s fiery new dilemma: Crossover alert: This is a big setup for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. “Obviously with what happened to Ronnie [Robbie Amell], [Stein is] missing a side of him that he’s had for quite a while now,” Todd says. “That’s going to start to sneak up on him.” Fortunately, Barry and the team will track down a new other half in the upcoming episode “The Fury of Firestorm,” which introduces Legends’ Jefferson Jackson (Franz Drameh).

Cisco’s new powers: With Stein otherwise occupied, Cisco is dealing with his new powers on his own. “Wells gave this power to him, and Wells was very evil, so he’s just a little freaked out,” Todd Helbing says. “As the season goes on, you’ll start to see him deal with that problem of how do I tell these guys, when do I tell them, and figure out this power that he has and how to control it more.” Suffice it to say, Cisco doesn’t have a great handle on it. “The way these powers are presenting themselves, I wouldn’t say that they’re fun,” Kreisberg says. “That’s really scaring Cisco. He works at a place where they lock up bad metahumans. The gift that his powers are is not readily apparent to him. He’s only seen the bad and the darkness in them.”

Romance at S.T.A.R. Labs: A big surprise during the episode was the clear chemistry between Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Jay, which will develop further in coming episodes. “There’s a connection that these two have, sort of an instant comfort level, that wonderful thing you don’t get with too many people in life, that I believe these two experience,” Sears says. “They’re going to explore that a little bit. Jay and Caitlin are part of this bigger team at S.T.A.R. Labs and they’re going to have a series of interactions we’re going to explore a little bit.”

Another surprise during the episode was the arrival of Iris West's (Candice Patton) estranged mother. "She came back to see her daughter and re-establish this family that she once had," said Todd. "You'll find out [why]. Iris has this conception about her mother, and her being away from her her whole life. I'm sure you can imagine learning that that is not the case can turn your world upside down. That's going to be the jumping off point of what she is going to be struggling with."

WELLS 2 | Viewers haven’t seen the last of the doc in his new surroundings. “Since we introduce Earth 2, there’s always a possibility we’ll go there,” Aaron Helbing reveals. “Not necessarily early on, but you’ll see more of it, yes.” Finding a way to bring back star Tom Cavanagh despite his character’s death last season was an easy decision for the producers. “If it were up to me, I’d have Tom Cavanagh in every show,” Todd Helbing says. “He’s amazing. It’s such a unique opportunity to have a character that everybody fell in love with and everybody hated at the same time and try to reinvent him in a different way. That was always the plan. It was just a challenge to figure out how to do that and have it be satisfactory.”

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