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The Big Bang Theory - The Perspiration Implementation - Review


The guys take on fencing after the realize they need an activity to do together. They find out that Kripke is teaching the course. Howard and Raj make cool pop culture references to The Princess Bride, Puss 'n' Boots, Game of Thrones. Everything goes well until Leonard reveals to Kripke that Amy dumped Sheldon. This causes Kripke to ask her out on a date. As a result of this, Sheldon challenges him to a duel, but it doesn't take place. Kripke asks Amy out in a text message but declines to go out with him. Later on, the guys go to a bar. After the men tell Sheldon to move on from Amy, he decides to ask two women out. Unsurprisingly, they reject him.

Meanwhile, the women try to help out Stuart attract women to the comic book store. However, all fails when the problem is not the comic book store itself. It's him that's the problem. He thought he would be married by now and reveals that he gets desperate the more he is alone. While the jokes he made were totally uncalled for especially offending, Amy relates to what he went through because she was alone growing up until Sheldon, Bernadette and Penny came into her life. Stuart takes it is she wants to go out with him, but she sympathizes with his rabbit on why he ran away from him. In a surprise ending, Amy and Sheldon have their first encounter in a long time. They have a civil conversation and Amy reveals that she rejected Kripke and Stuart. He shares with her that she asked two women out to date but both rejected him.

It wasn't the best episode but there were some entertaining moments especially when Bernadette purchased a Fitbit for Howard and finding out that he strangely walked over 174 miles in a period of days towards the end. Stuart went out of line making those inappropriate jokes. Although I appreciate him trying to revamp the comic book store and asking advice for women, he could do better appropriate approaches. It could have been funnier without those offensive comments. I did enjoy the fencing plot where the guys bonded together and did a fun activity outside of work.

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