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The Big Bang Theory - The Bachelor Party Corrosion - Review

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The Men:

The episode begins with Leonard and Sheldon getting ready for lunch at their apartment. Raj and Howard come in and they suggest that since he did not have a bachelor party after eloping, they suggest kidnapping the men to go to an unknown place to celebrate. I love how Sheldon comments that they are not really kidnapping them because they are missing the materials for kidnapping. He got his wish: the guys FINALLY do what he wanted for kidnapping. On their way to Mexico, they get a flat tire. As they try to fix the van, Howard accidentally sets it on fire after he tries to fire off the iron shavings from the van. The men end up not having the best bachelor party. However, it was wonderful to see the men hang out together like old times.

The Ladies:

Meanwhile, the ladies are having a mini-bachelorette party at Penny's apartment. Amy gets her ears pierced for the first time. Penny suggests that Sheldon is preventing her and Leonard from living together alone. If she chose to move in with Leonard (assuming Sheldon still stays with Leonard), it's like a homage to You, Me, and Dupree. Amy admits that she has yet to tell her mother that her and Sheldon have broken up. Penny encourages her to call her mother and tell the truth. She eventually calls her mother after pretending to be on the phone to take the easy way out. However, she discusses about different topics until Penny yanks the phone from her and lets her mother know that she and Sheldon broke up. I would have wanted to hear her mother's reaction to Amy dumping Sheldon.

My Thoughts:
This was a solid episode. No Shamy Drama this week for once!!! I loved how the episode had the subplots that were concentrated on one story rather than going over the place like the first two episodes this season. While it won't be remembered as one of the best episodes, it was enjoyable. I know this situation wasn't on purpose, but it was coincidence when Penny didn't tell her dad she got married and he didn't tell her that he accidentally ran over her pet pig a year ago. I was very happy to see her father again. He is an awesome character and I hope we get to see him interact with Leonard at least once this season. This week, Amy and Penny were hiding things from their own parents.


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