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The Bastard Executioner - Thorns/Drain - Review: "And So We Have Vengeance"

The Bastard Executioner - Thorns/Drain - Review

Last week on The Bastard Executioner, Gaveston returned to make sure Lady Love was pregnant. The Baroness enlisted Annora's help in fooling him with a potion. Jessamy became increasingly worried about Wilkin and his lack of emotional connection to her, Prichard and Wilkin came to blows and Wilkin and Lady Love grew closer.

"And So We Have Vengeance" Wilkin

‘Executioner’ continued this past Tuesday with its strongest episode yet. The series up to this point has focused a lot on the violence characters are involved in, but not how they are affected by it. Wilkin and Prichard, in particular, have suffered great losses, been involved in a lot of violent acts, and this episode we finally saw the psychological consequences that violence has had on both of them. It's changed them, so much so that they don't even recognize themselves.

Their need for vengeance has broken them. From the beginning the only thing they had in mind was to avenge their families, but the things they've done in order to get that has corrupted them. So it was a relief more than anything to hear Wilkin say "And So We Have Vengeance." They can move on and stop holding onto their horrific past. They can finally be at peace. Though, as Sutter loves to focus on characters psychological journeys, I wonder how long for. You can probably bet on more heartbreak for both of them down the line.

Sam Spruell in that torture scene was excellent. He won't get many moments to shine, and steal the limelight away from Moyer or Jones, but he did this episode. He portrayed Prichard's anger and emotional vulnerability exceptionally well and deserves some attention for that. As for his character Prichard, I wonder if that anger we saw thrusting through him will send him spiraling down a dark path.

The man who gave them their vengeance was surprisingly Milus. He didn't do it because he felt sorry for them, it was to gain their cooperation. He had control over them before because of the secret he and Wilkin share, but now he has gained their undivided obedience. Wilkin and the rest only helped Milus with his deeds in order to survive long enough to take vengeance, now they've accomplished that I wonder how that will change the dynamic of things. The next episode will be a vital one, to see how this development will have an effect on not only Wilkin and Milus' relationship but the story itself. Where does it go from here?

I've never been fond of Jessamy as a character, and this episode my hatred of her grew. I'm struggling to understand what the writers plan to do with her; they clearly don't want her and Wilkin to stabilize their fragile relationship so where does it go from here after her unforgivable betrayal? Speaking of the betrayal, it was obvious from the minute they became 'entangled in a false marriage' that she was going to betray him; there was just the matter of how big the betrayal would be. She's similar to Milus in a way that she will do anything to make sure she gets what she wants. Her continuing to hold onto her past just proves how psychotic she has become. And to potentially risk hers and her son's life - by confessing all to Milus - in order to keep Wilkin by her side is utter madness.

"You want me to fund your revolution" Lady Love

The leader of the rebels known as The Wolf returned this episode which meant the brilliant Matthew Rhys was back. The Wolf is fighting for Welsh independence, and The Baroness is now funding his revolution. This can lead onto a promising storyline involving both of them which could result in Wales going head to head with England. The Baroness was poorly treated on her recent visit to England, so her joining forces with the Rebels at a later point wouldn't surprise me - especially since she wants complete control over her land and joining with them is the best way of accomplishing that.

But, that wasn't even the highlight of them meeting. The Wolf was revealed this episode to be related to Lady Love. She is his half-sister. This was another equally surprising reveal, but it again came out of nowhere. I appreciate and enjoy clever reveals, but recently there has been too many. And too many that have had no connection to anything told in the story before that point. Still, it was a shocking reveal, and if it means more scenes between them, I'm all for it - their interaction was one of the best moments from the entire series, the dialogue was exceptional and brilliantly written.

Elsewhere, Annora continues to be a mystery. She is a very intriguing character, but with so many questions circulating about her and very few answers, she is starting to lose her appeal. I don't know where to begin, from the objects shaped like stars coming out of her skin - stigmata? - to her healing. It makes me seriously question what she is and what exactly the writers plan is with her. We know she's a prescient healer and she's there to guide Wilkin, but how does she have all these 'gifts.' We need a flashback or something about her soon rather than later.

‘The Bastard Executioner’ continued this past Tuesday with its strongest episode in terms of characterization. The show's story is entering uncharted territory now that the main goal is complete for our band of brothers, they could do anything. Lady Love and Wilkin's relationship continues to slowly develop, and come the season end I'm sure they will be together. Jessamy is a loose cannon, and Wilkin should try to cut ties with her if it's possible or her betrayals could get worse. And as for Annora, she continues to intrigue me, though her appeal is wearing thin by the episode with the limited answers about her. Overall, it was a solid episode that opens many new doors for the show.

As always, thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what you thought of Thorns/Drain!

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