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Switched at Birth - A Mad Tea Party - Review

After the arrival of Will’s mom, I was expecting this episode to be great and exciting, and it did not disappoint! Regina was in charge of planning a baby shower for Lily but she got sidetracked when Hope kidnapped Will and blackmailed her and Eric for $100,000. Bay is taking care of Will when he’s taken which puts Regina in a tricky spot because Bay doesn’t know the whole history of the situation. They won’t let Bay call the police which seems a little sketchy and I’m surprised that Bay just goes with it, that’s a pretty big red flag. I actually didn’t realize that Bay was so out of the loop. It doesn’t really feel that way but after seeing everything come to light in this episode it becomes very obvious. I couldn’t help but feel bad for her, especially during her scene with Regina where she confesses her jealousy for Daphne and Regina’s close relationship. To make everything worse, Toby still hasn't told Bay about him and Lily moving to London and when she first finds out she’s pretty upset. However, eventually she gets over it and is happy for them. In the end, Bay tells Kathryn and John about Eric’s kidnapping past, which sets us up for a very interesting finale opening.

My favorite part of this episode was definitely the baby shower. I feel like it really brought the Kennish family and Lily closer together and might make a big difference in her decision to move back home. I think Toby and Lily have been my favorite part of this season - which has surprised me because they weren’t really even on my radar before. This highly emotional storyline has really made them more relatable, especially Lily, who I always found to be sort of cold and distant before. Throughout the baby shower, I kept wondering why all those obnoxious women were invited. It made for a great opportunity to come to Lily’s defense but do they not realize Lily is right there?? They all clearly have no social skills and it was kind of unbelievable. I had some hope for Toby and Lily staying in town when she was so torn up about leaving her job, but then Kathryn swooped in and offered to take over when Lily leaves. I don’t see how this is good news and I found that scene to be really awkward. I hope this is all part of Kathryn’s master plan to get them to stay.

Daphne was also struggling during this episode. After going to her chemistry professor for internship advice and help, her teacher gave her some harsh criticism. She doesn’t think that Daphne has what it takes to be a doctor and refused to put in a good word for her on her internship applications. This causes Daphne to question everything she’s working for but in the end she shows her determination and resilience when she confronts Professor Marillo and lets her know that she’s not giving up. This episode also saw the return of Sharee, who had a tough time at school and is now working for a catering company. Daphne convinces her to give college another try at UMKC, where she’ll have more support from friends and family. I know I always say that Daphne is way too pushy, but I guess in the end she gets stuff done.

Overall, this episode wasn’t very exciting, apart from the kidnap scene, but it was very interesting. It was slower than most episodes yet somehow it was also very engaging and I was never bored. I also appreciated the breather from all these love triangles, it was actually really nice. Bay and Daphne never even mentioned their love interests and I actually forgot all about those storylines until I saw the promo for next week! I think this is my favorite episode of 4B so far and I can’t wait for the finale, which will hopefully be even better!

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.

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