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Scene Of The Week - October 4, 2015 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

BONES, "The Loyalty in the Lie", October 1, 2015, Actors: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, The Scene: Brennan examines the body she believes to be Booth's
Ki Arnould:
In light of the startling news that a burned body might be Brennan's beloved Agent Booth, she performs a thorough examination of the skeleton. As she works, we experience flashbacks of their longtime partnership. The scene is all the more impactful because of the airy, mournful tune playing in the background. A strong start to the season!

EMPIRE, "Without a Country", September 30, 2015, Actors: Bryshere Y. Gray, Taraji P. Henson, The Scene: Hakeem helps Cookie clean up their new digs
Hakeem helps Cookie clean up their new digs. He gives her such a sweet look, as she sweeps the floor, before getting to work. I couldn't help but think back to their first scene together which ended with her beating him with a broom.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT, "Boy II Man", September 29, 2015, Actors: Randall Park and more
The Scene: The boys and the father sing "End of the Road" together
Ben L:
The boys and the father give a homage to Boyz II Men by singing "End of the Road" together.

GOTHAM, "Knock, Knock", September 28, 2015, Actors: Chris Chalk, Cameron Monaghan and more, The Scenes: Alfred recruits Lucius Fox & The attack on GCPD
This season has got off to a cracking start, and whilst there are many scenes that I could have chosen it has to be this one between Sean Pertwee and Chris Chalk. The term 'stoic' could easily have been applied to both of the character's themselves during this scene; Alfred's dire threats covering his obvious deep loyalty and bond to Bruce while Lucius stood up in the face of his intimidating probing, and conveyed his equally steadfast devotion to Bruce's father. I sincerely hope that these two will be sharing a decent amount of screen time in the future as they are a sheer delight to watch bounce off each other. Perfect casting!
Geo N: The villains attack GCPD was a great scene and will prove to be a pivotal point going forward.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Walking Tall", October 1, 2015, Actors: Ellen Pompeo and more
The Scene: Meredith becomes the new Head of General Surgery
Maximilian Conte:
Her entire scene with Bailey at the end of the episode was great; there's a lot of history between them, and you could feel it all here. "You are the calm in the centre of the chaos. You have been since I met you."

HEROES: REBORN, "Under the Mask", October 1, 2015, Actor: Zachary Levi
The Scene: Luke is revealed to have a power
Laura Markus:
It's self explanatory, really. I just can't wait to see where they go from here.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, "She's Dying", October 1, 2015, Actors: Viola Davis, Liza Weil and more, The Scenes: Annalise and Bonnie's conversation & Annalise gets angry at Sinclair
Daniel van der Veer:
Viola Davis once again showed us this week why she deserved to win that Emmy Award (and why she deserves to at least get another nomination next year). Her dynamic with Famke Janssen is just amazing. However, I also really liked the scene between Annalise and Bonnie. Not only do we get some insight in Bonnie's past, but we also see how Annalise thinks of herself. She's not a savior, she ruins people. Excellent acting, not only by Viola but also by Liza Weil.
Maximilian Conte: Annalise and Bonnie were both incredible in that scene. They're two of the most interesting characters on primetime right now, and absolutely two of the best actresses.
Bradley Adams: Annalise gets angry at Sinclair. We're two weeks after the Emmys and Viola Davis is already showing why she should have no trouble picking up another in 2016. She was magnificent throughout, but it was this particular scene that caught my eye. Very similar to the way she exploded in court in last year's sixth episode, Davis caught everyone off guard by venting her frustrations at what was going on and it was simply superb. 

LIMITLESS, "Badge! Gun!", September 29, 2015, Actors: Ron Rifkin and more
The Scene: The final scene with the nurse
Ben L:
The nurse in the pilot that injected Brian was the same one that is taking care of his dad at the end of "Badge! Gun!". I liked the ending because of its twists. Also picked by Darth Locke
Laura Markus: What a shocking twist I really didn't see coming. Much like Reborn, I can't wait to see where they take this story.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD, "Laws of Nature", September 29, 2015, Actors: Iain De Caestecker, Clark Gregg, The Scenes: Fitz breaks down & Coulson and Fitz talk
Justyna K:
Brilliant premiere for one of my favorite shows. I'm so glad it's officially back. There were many great and powerful scenes, thanks to the talented cast and crew. But nothing was quite as impressive as the final minutes. Iain De Caestecker and his portrayal of Leo Fitz completely stole the episode for me. First, Leo's trip to Morocco, risking his life, bravely facing the local criminals to find a clue that could help him save Jemma. His actions there alone would be enough, but it's his return and both the conversation with Coulson, and then facing the Monolith that made his final moments in the episode my Scene of The Week. He slowly breaks down once he realizes the only thing he's found suggests that Simmons is dead before he completely loses it, desperately screaming at the Monolith to "do something". Here's the man with nothing left to lose... A truly heartbreaking scene with Iain De Caestecker's stellar performance at the centre of it. Kudos! Absolutely can't wait for the next episode.
Klutzy girl: Fitz breaks down against the Monolith. Iain absolutely knocked this scene out of the park and Fitz's desperation to save Jemma and his grief was palpable. The scene hurt so much.
Bradley Adams: Fitz breaks down as he sees the translation "death". Whoa. Iain De Caestecker, take a bow. His performance this entire episode was utterly spectacular. I could have very easily picked any of his scenes this week, but this was narrowly my favourite. The quiet emotion he showed as Coulson told him that they needed to move on was simply heartbreaking. And it was the complete opposite reaction to what he showed in the next scene which made me love it even more.
Sandi: Iain De Caestecker was the highlight of the opening episode, his performance through out was heart-achingly realistic and drew you in. But this one was over filled with so many undercurrents and subtle emotions that his later outburst as soon as Coulson left the room was completely justified and believable. 

MODERN FAMILY, "The Day Alex Left for College", September 30, 2015, Actors: Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, The Scene: Haley tells Alex to keep her roommate
Klutzy girl:
Haley tells Alex to keep her roommate because it's not a bad thing to have a personal cheerleader, and Haley misses hers already. I also loved the hug. They're usually fighting so this was an adorable moment between them.

NCIS, "Personal Day", September 29, 2015, Actor: Mark Harmon, The Scene: Gibbs visits his old house
Daniel van der Veer:
Gibbs was acting really off in this episode and I can feel that something is changing in him. Not only is he concerned for the future of his team, but he also seems to be ready to maybe move on from his wife and daughter's death. The last scene of the episode hinted at that when Gibbs visits the house he used to live in with the two of them. It was a beautiful scene accompanied by some fitting music. Mark Harmon's acting was top-notch.

ONCE UPON A TIME, "The Dark Swan", September 27, 2015, Actors: Elliot Knight, Mckenna Grace, The Scene: The opening scene
Darth Locke:
Young Emma was warned by Merlin at the movie theater showing of Sword in the Stone! So much to love in this first episode back! From allusions to Lost, Fringe and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland to the introduction to Merlin and King Arthur, the reveal about the dagger adding great mythos, introduction to Merida, and Zelena's mad-hatter-like mayhem leading to a fun Oz-ian trip to Camelot in Granny's Dinner, what was there not to love about this premiere?!

QUANTICO, "Run", September 27, 2015, Actors: Priyanka Chopra, Brian J. Smith, Yasmine Al Masri and more, The Scenes: Miranda Shaw helps Alex escape & Eric Packer commits suicide & The twin reveal
Daniel van der Veer:
Eric Packer commits suicide. Of all the twists in Quantico's pilot, Eric's suicide is one of the most shocking. He couldn't face the fact that his secret might be coming out and so he killed himself. It was heartbreaking to see. Brian J. Smith was great in this one-time guest starring role.
Prpleight: The suicide. I was expecting a murder not a suicide. That caught me off guard. Also picked by Bradley Adams
Ben L: The surprise ending where Miranda Shaw turned her back against the FBI and rescued Alex after she was arrested. I loved it because of its twists. I seriously thought she was going to jail for real until Shaw let her escape.
Darth Locke: The reveal that "Nimah" is being represented by twin sisters!
Laura Markus: Twins. I was completely caught off guard by this!

THE MIDDLE, "Cutting the Cord", September 30, 2015, Actors: Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher
The Scene: Sue and Axl have pizza together
Klutzy girl:
We very rarely get to see these types of moments between the two so it was really sweet.

YOU'RE THE WORST, "All About That Paper", September 30, 2015, Actor: Aya Cash
The Scene: The final scene
Maximilian Conte:
Gretchen quietly wakes up from bed, takes the disposable cell phone, gets dressed, and drives away. I laughed throughout the entire episode (as I usually do), and the ending was so quick and out of nowhere, but it still made perfect sense and cut like a knife. 

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