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Once Upon a Time - Episode 5.06 - The Bear And The Bow - Promo + Sneak Peeks + Interview *Updated*

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Sneak Peek 2 + Interview

Do Merida and Belle find a friendship between them? Yes, they absolutely do. Not initially. It takes a long time on the journey to DunBroch, and to actually find where the clans are keeping the brothers captive. But by the end of it, Merida and Belle strike a friendship, absolutely. And she’ll be teaming up with Red and Mulan in an upcoming episode. How does she know them and what sort of relationship do they have? Mulan and Merida are similar characters in that sense, very strong women who fight for what they believe in. You’ll find out how she’s met Mulan in flashbacks in that episode 9. She’s actually known Mulan for quite a number of years. And then, in the present day, she goes to speak to Mulan and asks for her help on another journey. Given that the show is going to be exploring an LGBT relationship at some point, and given that Merida didn’t want to get married in Brave, is there a possibility there could be more between Mulan and Merida? Absolutely not. I was actually on Instagram the other day and there were some of the fans discussing that. It’s better just to say what I know about that. But there’s talk within the episode of a past relationship, like you said, but not for my character. We’re going to be meeting her parents. What can you tease of their relationship these days, and maybe what we’ll see of how her father died? That’s on Nov. 15, episode 9, “The Bear King,” and it’s taking off maybe 10 years after the film Brave. She’s got a great, strong friendship with her mother, and also with her father. Episode 9 actually goes in flashbacks from present day DunBroch, and then back to before her dad was killed. We find out during episode 9 why and who killed her father.

Sneak Peek
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