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Limitless - Side Effects May Include... - Review: "Enter Sandman"

The title of this review is without a doubt the best one I have ever come up with in my entire SpoilerTV career. And not just because I love the song. I wonder if this show will ever play it.

Apologies for the lack of reviews lately. Unfortunately, school is a thing I'm partaking in, but it has died down a bit, so I can give you this review, happily. Let's not waste any more time, and let's get to the review!

This episode starts right where the previous one left off. This show is really good about doing that. This episode also continues to feature the amazing friendship of Brian and Rebecca. Brian put so much faith in Rebecca by showing her the file of her dad, but he was right and she deserved to know. I like how they worked together and kept the rest of their team out of their business. I also enjoyed how Brian weaselled his way into the rehab facility. The name "Mike Ikerson" is just so funny to me. Many of his scenes reminded me of House, especially one from a few episodes back where Brian threw his NZT pill into the air and caught it with his mouth. A lot of things about this show remind me of other shows. Needless to say, I am enjoying this show very, very much. This episode also managed to showcase the hard-hitting side effects of NZT. I thought Jake McDorman did a brilliant job (as per usual) of portraying a man truly in pain. I really felt for him several times throughout this episode.

And as you've all probably come to realize and cheer about, this episode took a more serialized approach, focusing on Rebecca's dad and Brian's spiral of NZT-related issues. As well, Eddie Morra returned in this episode. And creepy Mr. Sandman is doing his bidding. He has been a great villain so far, messing with Brian's mind, as well as letting him know that he has no real privacy in this world. He first met with Sandman in a bar, where he expressed concerns for Rebecca's safety. Again, this friendship they have is so strong. "What if you do what Sands wants, throw Rebecca under the bus?" "Not an option." I'm truly enjoying it (and how they haven't made it into a romantic relationship). The theme song of this show is another great thing. I'm going to continue mentioning this every week, because I feel it just needs more love.

Brian's dilemma towards taking the pill or not taking it was great to see. The scene where Brian shows the video of the screamer was hilarious. That was so smart of him. Rebecca also looked really pretty in this episode. I really liked her hair in a bun. I know, that didn't have much to do with the episode, but it's true. I like how Naz was so confident in her to try and get her on the Red Team. She really is one smart cookie, so I don't blame her. Brian waiting around for a text from Eddie - it really did make him seem like a desperate, lovesick puppy. I loved it. We also got to learn about Ebberly. He supposedly died in a boating crash, but it was later revealed that he wasn't dead. He faked his death to get away from the NZT life. After seeing what Brian's going through, I don't blame this guy.

Brian and Boyle (nice alliteration there, Limitless writers) had more moments together in this episode too. Everyone in this show has great chemistry together. Brian's psychosis was shown in a frightening way; it really hit home. Brian Finch as a character went through a lot of stuff in this episode. Jake was absolutely stellar. I want to keep singing my praises to him, because he truly was incredible. "Rebecca can't save you, Brian. Only you can." Choice words from Sandman, there. Rebecca was by Brian's side as he was suffering. Brian remembering who gave him the post-it note was something straight out of Chuck; it was almost like Brian flashed. Man, this show is nerdy. "I'm going to find Ebberly. If he's alive, he's the key to everything." I love when Brian gets determined. Moreover, the special effects on this show never cease to amaze me. They aided to show Brian's downfall. He woke up to the sound of Eddie's voice; I bet many people suddenly became jealous of him. "Brian, it's okay, it's over.", "I just needed to know what your limits are.", Eddie's being creepy too. "I could've died!" "I never would've let that happen to you." When did this show become something out of slash fan fiction! Not that I'm complaining.

An intense scene with Rebecca and Ebberly came next. Her father was sharing NZT with other people. And back with Brian and Rebecca, Brian told her he's feeling all better now. "I'm sorry I worried you." "Worried is an understatement." Awwwww. Naz and Rebecca had an intense scene. Rebecca had the opportunity to return the favour by covering up for Brian looking into Naz's NZT files. Amazing, amazing stuff. And finally, we get the last scene of the episode, which is usually parallels between something Brian's doing, and another plot. This time, Ebberly got a package from an innocent-looking truck. Brian hid his gift of 5 NZT pills from Eddie around his building. Ebberly's cabin exploded, and it is revealed that Sandman was sitting in the truck, and he had a smug grin on his face. Wow. He'll really follow any order Eddie gives him, even if it's cold-blooded murder. I think he's quite the sociopath, and like I mentioned before, a true villain. I "can't wait" to see more from him.

Honestly, most things in this episode were amazing to see. This episode was definitely the best of the show so far. I don't know if this show will keep up the serialized elements to the extent that they did in this episode, but in my opinion, it doesn't matter. I quite enjoy the prodecural episodes too. Although, I will admit this episode was a great breath of fresh air. I'm definitely giving it an A+.

What did you think of "Side Effects May Include..."? What are your thoughts on Eddie? How about those scary side effects of NZT? Be sure to leave a comment down below!

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