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Life in Pieces - Sleepy Email Brunch Tree - Advanced Preview + Teasers

I give all credit to SpoilerTV, CBS, and 20th Century Fox Television for allowing me to use this photo above.

The first two episodes have appealed to me. By the second episode, I have gotten used to the idea of the four short stories into a sitcom. This Monday's episode deals with the following 4 plots without giving major spoilers.
- A sleepy Greg has a run-in with the cops.
- Heather struggles to send an e-mail because she deals with the all distractions from her family.
- Colleen meets Matt's whole family for the first time during brunch.
- Matt and Greg have to cut down Greg's tree to prove their masculinity to their father. This was my favorite storyline because it reminded me of my old days where I had to break out of my comfort zone.

- Tim (Heather's husband) has a t-shirt of a band from the 1980s.
- Matt mentions that someone in his family had mistaken a 1980s singer back in the day for someone different.
- Someone steps over their boundaries with Colleen during brunch.
- Towards the end of the episode, a famous song from the 1980s is played.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode because of the chemistry between those families. I had criticized that Tim and Heather's storyline needed more work in the first episode, but the writers have improved better with their story. Remember to watch Life in Pieces this Monday after The Big Bang Theory at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.