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iZombie and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Get Additonal Script Orders Ahead of Premieres

As the CW starts rolling out its fall schedule tonight, the network is giving a confidence boost to the two new series that will be seeking back orders, freshman Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and sophomore iZombie. Both have been given orders for five additional scripts the day of comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s series premiere tonight and a day ahead of iZombie‘s second season opener Tuesday night.

Like was the case with The Flash and Jane the Virgin, the script orders for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and iZombie came after the CW had been pleased with the post-pilot episodes of the two series, including Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s transition from half-hour to hourlong format (the series created by and starring Rachel Bloom was originally developed and piloted as a half-hour comedy by Showtime). Rob Thomas’ zom-dram-rom-com iZombie starring Rose McIver has a 13-episode Season 2 order as it launched in midseason.