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Grimm - The Grimm Identity - Advance Preview + Teasers

Welcome back, Grimmers for the fifth season of Grimm! Last season, the show did a big game-changing with Juliette's death, which I sorta expected, Nick's mom being brutally beheaded (oh God!), and Adalind pregnant with Nick's child. I'm expecting a new fresh Grimm this season, with less drama and more action, like it used to be during the first two seasons. In the first episode, The Grimm Identity, things have never been more chaotic for Nick since he basically lost everything in his life. Except for his child: Nick is going to be a father for the first time, too bad the child is with his once sworn enemy, Adalind. While he's trying to figure it out what's life is going to be, his search for the truth leads him to FBI Agent Chavez and puts him at odds with those close to him.

I can tell you that the episode starts right where we left. Nick's still holding Juliette's dead body in his arms, then the scene suddenly changes. Yes, Juliette is dead and you'll see even the coffin. During the episode, as you can imagine, Nick is furious, angry and desperate, but I don't want to give everything away.

Here's some teasers from the episode:

- Flashbacks. A lot. About a certain scene.
- Also there are a lot of heads in a box.
- Of course the intro changed.
- Nick and Sean Renard have a tough confrontation.
- Nobody doesn't know how to act around Juliette's death. Especially Rosalee.
- At some point, Nick's face will make you sad for him.
- Someone won't finish their breakfast because they're going to the hospital.
- Wu has a great photographic memory.
- Bud has some of the best and funny quotes.
- Adalind has some complications.
- Since it's almost Halloween, I hope you don't mind some blood.
- We'll get to know the name of Nick and Adalind's baby's.

Some quotes:

"He sounds crazy." "He is."

"This is not make any sense."

"Dude, you need to answer your phone."

"The baby. He's coming!"

"You kidnapped Chavez and brought her here?"

"You all know he's a Grimm." "Yeah, we don't like secrets very much."

"Don't hate me anymore, Nick."

Are you excited for Grimm season 5? What are your expectations for this season? Share your comments below and remember to watch Grimm this Friday on NBC.

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