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Chicago Fire - I Walk Away - Review

Weeks later, and still no one from the crack house fire neighborhood is talking. It’s getting serious, as Boden could lose his job if no one speaks up. On the first call of the night, 51 is called back to the crack house fire neighborhood; a moving container truck fell on a guy’s leg. Ouch.

As the promotion for Chicago Med continues (no complaints, we’re only a few weeks away and I get more excited every time we see the cast), Dr. Will Halstead is on the scene to amputate the poor guy’s leg. Patricia, the wife, shows up at the district later with an offer to share her son’s video…of the crack house fire. Finally! Boden is in the clear.

Dawson is still working on the investigation over at Arson, and things are heating up (pun obviously intended). Her superiors, nice but perpetually pessimistic, seem hesitant to move forward with the investigation. Rodger Maddox, a real estate guy, has purchased four arson buildings in a year where property values have skyrocketed. It’s crazy suspicious and they have plenty of evidence to give to CPD, but Duffy won’t budge.

When Duffy won’t help move the case forward, Dawson turns to Boden. He decides to leak the evidence to the Sun Times, which lands him in hot water. When Boden tells Chief Reynolds he can show him the proof, I knew that evidence would inconveniently disappear. Sure enough, Boden meets Dawson to collect the evidence and it’s gone. The really nice redhead seems suspicious. As if that weren’t bad enough, Dawson has some sort of stomach pain (probably pregnancy related), Boden calls Casey, and then the freaking show ends. I don’t want to assume the worst, but to be safe, I think I’ll have tissues on hand for next week’s episode…


The second call of the night was intense! Just a few thoughts I had while watching that scene:
Where’s Patterson? Why am I asking this?
Severide should be Lieutenant again.
But really, Severide is a boss (in every sense of the word).
It’s like that new movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt. But not voluntary.
If Casey falls and dies, I quit.
The dad is going to die, isn’t he?
Yeah, he’s going to die.
OH! My heart is pounding. I thought he was a goner.
That poor family will take the stairs for the rest of their lives.
Casey is so ready for fatherhood.
You know when you decide that you don’t like someone and then from that point on everything they do is terrible? It’s irrational, but that’s how I feel about Patterson now. And I hate it, because I wanted his character to be good. But he’s not, he’s got some agenda. God forbid Severide eat breakfast, Patterson. Geez.

Well my 5-6 episode prediction for Jaime might have been incorrect. Poor Severide. But as much as I love Rachel Nichols, I’m ready for her to leave. Best line of the night though was Cruz, after seeing Jaime drive up in Severide’s car. “Hold up. You let her borrow your car? You don’t even let me look at your car!” Cruz doesn’t have many shining moments, but I’m hoping this new friendship with Severide lets him a bit more. Jaime, a lawyer, can’t resist taking on a big client to save her job. The big client? Oh, just the man responsible for a series of fires, including the crack house fire. Severide really knows how
to pick ’em…

Speaking of Severide and his women, I’m so ready for Severide to have a long-term relationship. Sylvie? Yes? Yes. I’m ready. Sylvie is still struggling with the baby she delivered a few weeks ago with Chili. She talks with Boden and Dr. Charles (and my goodness, those are probably the best two people to go to for advice). She finds the baby’s father and after seeing them together, is finally at peace. (Side note: Did anyone else completely forget that Sylvie and Roman hooked up?!) The writers have done an amazing job with Sylvie. She came in just after Shay’s death, attempting to fill quite a large void. She has grown immensely as a character and now I can’t imagine the show without her.

Another great addition to the show is Chili. She seems to be finding her way and the scenes with Sylvie are always a high point. “Do you think it’s too early to start planning a baby shower for Dawson? I want to make cupcakes.” Chili, you make those cupcakes. You don’t even need a reason. These two had a bit of a scare on a call, but prove to be a great team.

I am loving Jimmy and I hope he’s here to stay (which is a safe bet, considering he’s on Truck and not Squad). Throughout the episode, watching Jimmy as candidate feels like watching what would have been Casey as candidate. He has a good heart, and the beginnings of an excellent firefighter. Casey seems to agree, as he hints that Jimmy could find himself in a Lieutenant position someday soon. He also calls him the best candidate they’ve ever had, which is the highest of compliments coming from Casey (i.e. Otis, Mills, and Dawson). I wasn’t crazy about Jimmy’s brother a few episodes ago, and this episode certainly didn’t do him any favors. That is, until the end. Jimmy’s brother is adamant about having Jimmy switch to his house, but Jimmy seems to prefer 51 (as he should). But in the end, it's brotherly love; it seems Jimmy's mom passed away and his brother promised her he'd look out for Jimmy. I'm liking these two and I'm sure this is only the beginning.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad to see Rachel go? Will Jimmy stick around 51 for a while? Will Dawson and the baby survive? Share your thoughts below!

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