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American Horror Story - Mommy - Review

   This new AHS season is totally blowing my mind. The last two episode, “Chutes and Ladders” and last Wednesday’ “Mommy” were both excellent installments. This season is really promising, for once the story makes sense and all the characters are perfectly tied together. The revelations and the twists are always well implanted.
   I’m sorry I’ve missed my review of Chutes and Ladders, as I was enjoying my sweet life in London. I only caught up with it, and with “Mommy” yesterday. And I must say watching both episodes in a row was exciting.

 “Chutes and Ladders” was very interesting as it revealed more about the Hotel Cortez and how it was built, specially by who it was : James March (Evan Peters). Peters was totally astonishing in his part. I loved his accent and I’m glad he’s back playing a psychopath, even darker and eviler than Tate. So, he built the Hotel as a play house to kill and torture people as he much enjoyed. No wonder why the place is haunted now.
   But the best part of “Chutes and Ladders” was Tristan (Finn Wittrock) introduction. Of course there also was Naomi Campbell, playing Claudia the fashionista. Wittrock was amazing as last year. Tristan is more candid than Dandy, and Wittrock perfectly delivered it. Tristan the addict model, strong headed attracted The Countess’s attention, since Donovan wasn’t that much fun anymore. So she broke off with him and turned Tristan into a vampire. And we finally got to know more about vampirism on AHS.
   Murphy and his team installed vampirism more as a blood virus than a real monster condition. Sunlight won’t kill vampires, but they should avoid it and mostly they are not immortal. Drinking blood (not from the dead and the junkies) keeps them young and strong but they’re very mortal. It’s an interesting turn, not extremely new but fits well into the AHS universe. I’d love a tie with the witches, since now we have to tie the seasons together….

   And this week on “Mommy”, we learn something more about The Countess, not vampire related (I’ll get to the Angela Bassett part later !!!). There’s a reason why The Countess needs Drake (hot Cheyenne Jackson) : she wants all of his money as she has no more. So she forbidden Tristan to drink and kill him. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of that storyline, I mean the money. It’s realistic but well… But it’s fun and sexy to watch, let’s hope Drake will make out with Donovan now.
   Lady Gaga is really brilliant in AHS. She’s a great addition in the universe, and I hope she’ll be back next season. I really wanna see her in another role. But The Countess is marvellous. Her style, her voice, everything about her is amazing. But “Mommy” wasn’t much about The Countess and the vampires but more about the mothers and what they can do for their children.

   The first mother is Alex Rowe (Chloe Sevigny). Sevigny really surprised me in this episode, I’m not a huge fan of her and her part in Asylum was fun but not excellent but as Alex Rowe, she deeply moved me. Alex’ story is tragic, might be even more than John. She had a passion : her work. She was a pediatrician and she wanted to be the best, to help the kids, not to have one. But everything changed when she had Holden. He became her whole world, he was everything to her, what she loved the most in the world and one day he was taken away from her. It was heart breaking to watch her going through the missing of her boy, and finally trying to kill herself. It was even more tragic knowing where the boy is.
   Murphy always loves the tragic couple on AHS. And so the Rowe couple won’t survive the disappearance of their child. They grew apart, despite still being in love. So it wasn’t much a surprise when Alex finally filed for divorce. John was the only surprised. But the best part was Alex got to go to the Hotel Cortez to tell him the news ! And as the place is super weird, they ended up starting to have sex in room 64. But Alex stopped walked away and found Holden, her missing son. And he talked ! Ooh ooh The Countess won’t like it or maybe it’s part of her plan ?
   Anyways, Alex wasn’t the only one interested in Gaga’s weird vampire babies, a new character arrived and oh God it might be this season best character thanks to the wonderful Angela Bassett.

   Ramona’s introduction was so well executed. At first, from behind, she looked like she would be Donovan’s next victim. As poor and sad Donnie left by the Countess had no where to go and nothing to do. He declined his mother’s offer to live with her. But it turned out Ramona was actually one of The Countess’ ex ! She was a B series actress. How cool and fun Bassett was in those scenes. It was just brilliant. And her chemistry with Gaga was excellent too. That scene in the elevator when they slowly get apart and their different looks, it was pure gold. The music was excellent (the soundtrack this season is wonderful)
   But as we understood last week, being The Countness’s one is not forever and so Ramona started to fall in love with another man. A very sexy one. And she wanted to turn him, and it was her biggest mistake. We learnt that The Countess doesn’t stand her creatures creating other. She can be the only Queen of Vampires. Her selfishness wasn’t much a surprise, it’s a recurrent trait from AHS main female character ! So now Ramona is seeking vengeance against The Countess, she didn’t want to use Donovan actually, he was just a mean as she was really after The Countess babies ! John Rowe won’t like it when he learns his missing kid is one of them ! I really like how all the characters are somehow connected this season.

   After Ramona set him free, Donovan came back to the Cortez as he didn’t know where to do and Liz Taylor gave him the best speech. Oh I can’t write enough how magnificent Denis O’Hare is. His performance this year is just out standing. Liz basically told Donovan that his mother will be the only person in the world, in time that will love him the most. Her love is unconditional. He finally understood and accepted it. Despite probably having one of the worst mother ever (worst than Constance ? I really wan to know what she did to him before).
   But Donovan came too late, Iris was already with Sally in her room. Paulson and Bates were both extraordinary in "Mommy". Bates totally killed it since the start with her scene with Bomer but Paulson and Bates's scene together in the hotel room was just perfection. It was so touching, tragic and sad. Iris decided to end her life, and asked for help from the woman she killed twenty years before. I was really astonished how great and how heart breaking the scene was. Iris tried to overdose on Sally’s drugs but t didn’t work so Sally finished her with a bag on her face. That was cold, but Donovan came and saved his mother by making her drink his blood, so she’s a vampire now…  Great news ! I wonder how she is gonna to react. And Oh Elizabeth won’t like it ! The Countess is going to be very upset next week ! Can’t wait !

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