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Agents of SHIELD - Episode 3.06 - Among Us Hide… - Promo + Post Mortem Interviews *Updated*

How long will Fitz and Simmons be working on building a new portal? Is this going to be a storyline that pays off sooner rather than later, or is this going to be a slower burn?

It's going to take a while. There's a lot going on at SHIELD right now. And who knows if it is even going to work when we do eventually think we've found a solution.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you find out that Simmons was not alone on this planet?
ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE: Maybe it was a couple weeks before getting the script. The EPs sat me down, which can go one of two ways — sometimes it means you’re dying, and other times, it’s really good. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. They said the idea about the episode, and they did say at that point that there was going to be somebody else there and what was going to happen. I was kind of overwhelmed by the whole concept, just thinking it was so cool and I was very honored to be tasked with something like that, but I just didn’t think it was going to happen. I just felt it was too risky, or at some point, they’d try to break it down and it was going to be too different, too expensive or too something. We just kept moving forward with it. There was a script, there was a schedule and then it happened. I was, and I still am, just worried about how FitzSimmons fans are going to react.

What is Simmons dealing with emotionally moving forward?
She’s just all over the [place]. She still loves Fitz. She never stopped loving Fitz. She used him to survive and to stay mentally stable. But she’s in love with this other guy. She feels a tremendous amount of guilt for that now being back, and guilt for asking Fitz to do something she knows is so painful for him and might completely sever their friendship. The thing that trumps all of that is, at the end of it, this man saved her life, and now she needs to try to save his. She’s still adjusting being back. It’s better now that she has this task. Fitz figured out how to open the portal from this end before, so it’s really on his shoulders. She’s struggling because she loves two men at once. It sounds like quite a good scenario in many ways, but she’s having a hard time.

IGN: Now that Fitz is onboard with going back with her, are they both hyper-focused on this? It's hard to imagine how involved she could be with everything else going on right now for SHIELD, but are there any distractions, especially since everyone else isn't in on what's happening yet?

Henstridge: I think that there are definite distractions. There's a lot going on with the ATCU, but I think the major distraction is that they're both focused on this mission but there's so much conflict between them. It's so complicated that I think that is going to be their main distraction. They’re trying to complete this task together, but Simmons is holding a lot of guilt for leaving Will behind. She doesn't even know that he's alive and the fact that she's asking Fitz to do something that is so difficult for him... So this is going to be the main focus, but I think the road to them trying to achieve it is kind of paved with distress and emotional minefields.