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Throwback Thursday - Lost - Walkabout

Throwback Thursday, a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from over the years.

It's just a little over a year ago that I became a fan of Lost. I watched the entire series over the summer and loved it. It's now one of the best shows I've ever watched and last year, when the series celebrated its tenth anniversary, I wrote a review of the entire series. For today's Throwback Thursday I look back at one of the earliest episodes of Lost: the fourth episode of season 1, "Walkabout".

This episode is best known for revealing Locke's paralysis so let's start with that. Before I started the series, I had read a few things about it here and there so I knew before watching that Locke was paralyzed. Still, it was an awesome twist and one that got people talking and thinking what this show was about. If you weren't hooked on the series after the two-part pilot episode, you sure are now. Revealing that Locke is cured from his paralysis basically echoes the question Charlie asks at the end of the pilot: "Where are we?" Where have these people stranded that it's possible to walk again after being paralyzed for the last four years? This twist was definitely a game changer for the series and many fans have defined this episode as the one that really hooked them on the show.

There are various things happening on the island as well. The episode starts in the middle of the night, where the survivors wake up when boars turn up at the crash site. It turns out the bodies of the ones who died are rotting away, because it has been four days since the crash and they are attracting wildlife. Jack's suggestion to burn the bodies is met with resistance from the other survivors, but Jack is persistent this is the way to go. Later in the episode, Claire suggests to hold a memorial service and to read the names of those who died. Meanwhile, Locke, Kate and Michael go hunting for one of the boars so the survivors have something to eat. However, when the three approach a boar, Michael starts talking out loud and the boar runs away, injuring Michael in the process. As Kate and Michael make their way back to camp, Locke goes after the boar all by himself. Kate and Michael later stop so Kate can attach an antenna up in a tree, but when she hears the smoke monster, she accidentally drops the equipment. They fear for Locke's life, but he later returns with a dead boar. The episode ends with the memorial service for the deceased.

In retrospect, this episode has a lot of things that happen for the first time. Obviously it started the mystery of John Locke, a man who came out of nowhere with a suitcase full of knives. But it was also the first time that half-siblings Claire and Jack were formally introduced to one another. Jack saw his father for the first time on the island, although he was not played by John Terry. According to Lostpedia, it was also the episode in which we learned Claire's name. We also see how Jack is starting to grow into the role of leader on the island. For example, Boone comes to him asking if he wants to talk to Rose. This episode also marks the first time that the famous quote "Don't tell me what I can't do" is used.

The highlight of the episode is Terry O'Quinn's performance, rightfully nominated for an Emmy award (along with his performance in "The Moth"). In the flashbacks, O'Quinn shows us the struggles of a paralyzed Locke, who is continuously told what he can't do. But on the island, we see a very different side of him. O'Quinn embraces both the vulnerable Locke we see in the flashbacks and the mysterious version on the island. Besides Locke's story, there's plenty of more to enjoy about this episode. There are various enjoyable character moments. The one I enjoy the most is the conversation between Jack and Rose. At the end, Rose tells Jack that she believes her husband is alive. That is such a powerful moment for me, and of course she was right all along. There are also some comedic moments when Hurley and Charlie try to catch fish. My least favourite part of this episode is Shannon doing once again nothing, but instead manipulating Charlie into catching fish for her.

What did you think of "Walkabout"? Do you have fond memories of the episode? Can you still remember what it felt like when you first watched the episode? Were you shocked that Locke was paralyzed before he came to the island? Please tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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