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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 18th September *Updated*

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  • 03:45 - Forever: DVD Release Might Be In The Works
    Thanks to mac for the heads up.


  • 03:40 - The Muppets - Labeled As 'Not Family Friendly' By One Million Moms
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  • 01:40 - Grimm - Having a Contest for the 100th Episode
    Thanks to Jordan for the heads up.

  • 01:30 - How to Get Away With Murder - Netflix Nabs Rights to Season 1
    Thanks to Alex S for the heads up.

  • 23:40 - 12 Monkeys - Season 2 - New BTS Photos

    #12Monkeys #SeasonTwo with time travel pals @BrendanCoyle99 & @aaronastanford

    A photo posted by Terry Matalas (@terrymatalas) on

  • 23:10 - How to Get Away with Murder - New Poster

  • 23:05 - Modern Family - Episode 7.01 - Sneak Peek

  • 23:05 - Mom - Season 3 - Harry Hamlin Joins Cast in a Recurring Role
    Mom's Christy (Anna Faris) may be getting a new love interest in the CBS comedy's third season.

    Harry Hamlin has signed on to the Chuck Lorre series in a recurring role, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    Hamlin will portray Fred, a man who catches Christy's eye. "He's playing someone that flirts with Christy at a country club," Mom co-creator Gemma Baker told THR. "Their relationship is complicated because [Fred is] Baxter's girlfriend's father."

  • 21:10 - Leonardo DiCaprio Developing 1980's Mafia Drama for Showtime
    Showtime is going back to the '80s with Leonardo DiCaprio.

    The premium cable network is teaming with DiCaprio and Ray Donovan writer Brett Johnson for an untitled drama exploring the Mafia, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The drama traces a decade-long relationship between an unstable mafia captain and a rogue federal agent, each violating the strict codes of their respective organizations. Set in 1980s Brooklyn, the potential series examines the corrosive power the Wall Street era had on both the mafia and the FBI.

  • 20:00 - You're The Worst - Episode 2.03 - Born Dead - Promotional Photos

  • 20:00 - Forever - Matt Miller Answers Fan Questions

  • 20:00 - Francis Lawrence To Produce & Direct ‘Neverwhere’ & ‘House Of Thieves’ Series Projects Financed By Mark Gordon Co.
    Mark Gordon has teamed with Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence and Lawrence’s longtime producing partner and manager Erwin Stoff for two drama series projects: Neverwhere, an adaptation of fantasy writer Neil Gaiman’s BBC miniseries and subsequent novel, and House Of Thieves, based on the just-released mystery novel by Charles Belfoure. Gordon’s independent production studio, the Mark Gordon Company, which is backed by Entertainment One, will fund the development of both projects and is committed to deficit finance any of them that go to series. Lawrence is attached to direct both dramas, which he is executive producing with Gordon and Stoff.

  • 20:00 - Colony - Thora Birch Joins Cast in a Major Recurring Role
    Thora Birch (American Beauty) is set for a major recurring role in USA Network’s upcoming drama series Colony, set to premiere on January 14.

    Birch, repped by Berwick & Kovacik, will play Morgan, a laid back software engineer with a conscience. She is best known for her roles in Ghost World and in Oscar-winning American Beauty.

  • 20:00 - Dr. Ken - Promotional Poster
    Thanks to LesIconesDeFranck for the photo.

  • 20:00 - The Mysteries of Laura - Episode 2.02 - The Mystery of the Cure to Loneliness - Promotional Photos

  • 20:00 - Doctor Who - Season 9 - MyFanbase Interview with Jenna Coleman & Peter Capaldi
    We left Season 8 with quite a bit of change for all the characters; how do Clara and the Doctor move into Season 9 emotionally and in relation to each other?

    JC: They're diving into it.
    PC: I think they're diving into it. They're sort of like a little gang. The Doctor has sort of realised, that even at 2.000 years of age life is short and he's very blessed to not only have access to this amazing toy-box that the TARDIS is, but he has this wonderful friend in Clara and I think he's just embracing the whole idea of the pair of them ranging through time and space having a good time. Which means being very adventurous and throwing themselves into the path of danger rather recklessly. They become adrenaline junkies somehow.
    JC: Yeah, they become more similar, I think. Whereas last season the Doctor was the more reckless one and Clara was the kind of responsible one bringing him back from teetering over the edge. Whereas now, she's kind of egging him on, joining him, to jump off the cliff with him. So when you got two characters like that, the risks become more heightened. There's more of a sense of freedom, they found their footing together, Clara just wants to be space-bound now, the ties to earth have gone and her perspective has changed. She just wants to seize the moment and live TARDIS-life to the max.

  • 20:00 - Nashville - Season 4 - Interview with TVLine on the new Season
    Thanks to Brazil for the heads up.

    TVLINE | What’s up with Gunnar and Scarlett? She was about to move in with Dr. Caleb, but she also almost kissed Gunnar at the end of the episode.

    That’s a tricky one too. They’ve embarked on this duo that they’re committed to now. It was a little bit of a Pandora’s box up there on the roof, given the givens… Where we left [them], they were going to go on tour. It’s a real problem in terms of whether or not that box gets closed or whether it’s going to ruin a good thing.

    TVLINE | On a related note, will Will’s coming out be as rough as he feared on his career?

    It’s a real journey. [The press conference] was the first gigantic step, and now there’s 999 more to get where he needs to go… It’s safe to say that he meant everything he said in that moment, and then, of course, then afterwards you’re going, “Oh gosh, should I have done that?” When we come back, he’s been hibernating a little bit. The question is: When he comes out of hibernation, where does he fit in?

    TVLINE | Talk to me about Layla. Will she be more center stage, now that Aubrey Peeples is a series regular?

    [As] we come into the season, she and Jeff have a new understanding… Their unique love, is on the table, and they are poised to kind of try to see how that works as a couple. But the manager/client relationship is a tricky one, and one of the things we’re really focusing on, in terms of our general storytelling this season, is public perception versus what’s really happening, and how different those things can be.

  • 20:00 - NCIS: New Orleans - Episode 2.03 - Touched By The Sun - Promotional Photos

  • 20:00 - Madam Secretary - Episode 2.01 - 2.02 - Promotional Photos
    Episode 2.01 - The Show Must Go On

    Episode 2.02 - The Doability Doctrine

  • 20:00 - Jermaine Fowler To Create & Star In CBS Comedy, Headline Showtime Special
    In a competitive situation, with multiple networks and streaming services pursuing, CBS has landed a multi-camera comedy project written by and starring rising actor-comedian Jermaine Fowler. In conjunction with the deal, sibling Showtimehas acquired the rights to a one-hour comedy special starring and produced by Fowler. Tentatively titled Jermaine Fowler: Give ‘Em Hell Kid, the special, which has been shot, includes a mix of stand-up and first-person interviews from those who know him best. It is eyed for December 11 debut.

    The untitled CBS project, which Fowler will write or co-write, is a multi-camera family comedy inspired by his life. Fowler’s father was only 17 and his mother was 16 when they had their first child. Despite being so young, the two stayed together, raising Fowler and his siblings. Fowler, 27, will play a character loosely inspired by his dad, a 27-year-old bringing up children who are around 10. Kids raising kids.

  • 20:00 - The Second Fattest Housewife In Westport - ABC Puts Comedy In Development
    This is a contender for the catchiest project title this pitch season: ABC has put in development The Second Fattest Housewife In Westport, a single-camera family comedy from novelist/TV writer Sarah Dunn, producer Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment and ABC Studios.

    The Second Fattest Housewife In Westport is narrated by Katie, who is being described as a (slightly) larger wife and mother raising her flawed family of three in a wealthy town filled with “perfect” wives and their “perfect” offspring. Dunn and Kaplan executive produce.