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The Mindy Project – While I Was Sleeping – Review

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Thank Goodness for Hulu!!!!! The Mindy Project is back and is stronger than ever!!!

I give credit to Hulu, Universal, and SpoilerTV for allowing me to use this photo above for my review.

The episode begins with Danny explaining to Mindy’s father that he loves her and that he is the child of her baby. He doesn’t realize he’s talking to a translator. Just when her father is about to slug him, he welcomes him with open arms. He also invites him to stay over at his place just as he was about to come back to New York. Meanwhile, she is freaking out to Morgan over the phone about Danny still missing. Morgan thinks that he fell in love with another woman, which freaks her out. He texts her that he will do his best to find him. She believes that he doesn’t love her anymore and hides his picture. She later dreams that she is in Mariah Carey’s penthouse only to find that she is in bed with her husband (it was JUST a dream), Matt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt from The Dark Knight Rises and Looper). I loved the references about South Park and Teddy Roosevelt by Mindy.

While Mindy is living a nightmare after her new life, Danny and her father bond over Boston. Their parents are concerned about her. He then reveals that if he found out who the father of Mindy’s baby, he would break all of his bones. We finally meet her mother who loves singing. He then is shocked that he has to find a suitable man for their daughter and will arranging her marriage with the guy. They finally find the guy (Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj regularly on The Big Bang Theory). Just when things go right, he starts making insults about Mindy and her family after Danny confesses that he wants to be with her. He later gets escorted out by the translator that communicated with Danny in the beginning. At first, her father wants to cut off his hand, but he decides that him and his mother agree that he has his permission to continue his love life with Mindy.

- “Ex-squeeze Me?” – Mindy and her mother both say it, though they do not have scenes together.
- “It's like 13 Going on 30 except I'm still the same age." - Mindy in her dreams
- “It was so awful. It was like It’s A Wonderful Life except it was in color and it wasn’t boring.” – Mindy about her nightmare

Morgan is such an awesome friend in finding where Danny was thanks to his cousin’s detective work. What a sweet ending to where Danny FINALLY PROPOSES TO MINDY!!!!!! Each season premiere gets better and better. Remember to watch new episodes of it on Hulu Plus instead of Fox where we have to worry about the ratings every week like the last few years. Each Tuesday, Hulu Plus will premiere new episodes. I can’t wait for the next new episode. I am looking forward to see the storyline of Mindy and Danny entering as new parents this season.

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