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The Last Ship - A More Perfect Union - Review

What Happened:

Following their defeat of Sean Ramsey in last week's episode, the crew finds the Immune threat largely contained. However, a small faction of Ramsey's acolytes, led by an Immune named Kevin McDowell, seeks to continue the Englishman's work, despite his demise at the bottom of the ocean. Attempting to achieve this goal, McDowell and his people dress up as Navy personnel and begin exposing people to the virus in Memphis, where the Nathan James crew plans to spread the contagious cure.

The groups end up engaging in a standoff fueled by gunfire. Fortunately, however, the (real) Navy crew is able to defeat the Immunes and cure the infected citizens by using what little they have of the aerosolized version of the cure. Following this final skirmish, the crew heads to St. Louis, where they are welcomed with open arms by the people of the city, all of whom receive the cure as they greet Chandler's men and women.

With all the damage the ship sustained in last week's episode, the crew decides to dock in St. Louis for a while. While there, Danny and Kara get engaged, Michener is sworn in as President, and Chandler is asked to serve as Chief of Naval Operations. At the end of the episode, Rachel (who has been pardoned for her role in Neils's death) is shot outside her hotel room by an Immune, who yells "Sic Semper Tyrannis" as he runs away.

What Worked/What Didn't Work:

Although far less epic in scope than last year's stellar finale, this year's conclusion was an equally engaging hour. One of my biggest complaints about last week's episode was that Ramsey was killed off just before the finale. I believe featuring one of his followers trying to continue his work was a wise decision. Also, the way in which the Immunes dressed up as Navy personnel to carry out their plot was particularly inspired.

Up until the episode's final moments, this installment felt very much like a series finale. Everything seemed to wrap itself up in a nice little bow. As such, the cliffhanger involving Rachel getting shot was a great surprise. It packed quite a punch, as it came right out of left field. Based on the way the episode was proceeding, I never could have predicted that would happen. Bravo to the show's writers for packing quite the wallop in this episode's final moments.

Overall Episode Grade: 9 Anchors Out of 10

Well, that's all she wrote, folks! Until next summer! Season 3, here we come!

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Liam Dacko is a student at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. He is majoring in mediated communication and minoring in journalism. In addition to writing for SpoilerTV, Liam also serves as editor-in-chief of Stonehill's biweekly student-run publication, The Summit. He is a lover of all things related to television. Some of his favorite shows include Arrow, The Flash, Criminal Minds, Scandal, The Middle, Homeland, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He continues to have many sleepless nights over the cancellation of TNT's Dallas reboot.
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