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The Big Bang Theory - The Separation Oscillation - Review

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Cold Open:

The episode begins with Penny coming into Leonard and Sheldon's apartment because she cannot sleep. Leonard wants to reconcile his marriage with her but Sheldon comes and kisses her. However, Leonard wakes up and finds that this was just a nightmare.

This week's episode was much better because the conflict between Leonard and Penny did not drag on too much like last week. Leonard was mature to admit his mistakes he did with Mandy. It was sweet when they solved their conflict with each other towards the end. Meanwhile with Shamy, Sheldon tries to make things right with Amy by bringing back her belongings. When she sees her scarf, it brings back bad memories when he was on his phone while she had to ice skate alone. Also, she gets jealous when a bra is in the box. He actually had planted that in there to test Amy's patience. Just when things could not get worse for her, he decides to emailing her a video of "Fun with Flags" that he recorded to insult Amy. At the end of the episode, Sheldon brings a cheesy wedding present for them, which contains 2 tickets to go to San Francisco. At first, they don't look interested but they accept it. An angry Amy (alliteration intended) confronts him for emailing her that inappropriate video. He believes that she is still into him, but she thinks otherwise. He interprets that she still has interested in pursuing a relationship with him again, which causes him to skip around in the hallway joyfully.

If I was in Amy's position, I would have not opened the e-mail because she was still ticked off at him for his selfish personality. However, I am definitely not defending his bad behavior. He will have to dig deep in order for him to win her back. Also, Howard was fantastic in coaching Raj's social skills. Just because they are friends does not mean he has to tell him everything. After all, there are boundaries that Raj must know about him. Also, I am happy that Penny's hair is now growing more and that we won't have to neither see nor mention of Mandy at all. Not entertaining to Amy, but Sheldon's "Fun with Flags" video was the best part of the episode because it brought back great memories.