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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 9.01 - The Matrimonial Momentum - Review

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Just as Leonard and Penny are about to get married, guess who interrupts them at their wedding with a phone call? Good old Sheldon. He complains that he got dumped by Amy. Just as she about to leave her apartment, he still cannot get over the fact that they broke up. She is not prepared to talk to him and makes her way to Howard and Bernadette's house to watch Leonard and Penny's wedding online. Although I am proud of Sheldon for trying to fight for her, he really needs to give her space. After all, a good boyfriend gives his girlfriend space. However, given his personality, it's not surprising he is not considerate of her actions.

Meanwhile, at the Wolowitz's house, the gang comforts Amy while Sheldon sits out in the window watching the wedding. He screams at his friends for taking sides. Amy has finally told him that they are NO LONGER A COUPLE! She storms out of the house and leaves with Bernadette. Leonard and Penny are now officially married. However, because of Shamy's fight, only Stuart and Howard get to witness that moment. The best part of this "below average" episode is Penny quoting the lyrics of You've Got a Friend in Me from one of my favorite movies, Toy Story.

Just as things go right with the now "Hofstadters", she still can't get over where he accidentally kissed "Mandy" from the boat 2 years ago. This causes them to argue on their way back to the apartment. Then, Penny confronts Sheldon that it isn't Amy's fault that she dumped him. This causes him to get angry and asks her to kindly slam the door behind him. At the end of the episode, he complains to Leonard about women. Leonard never thought he spend his wedding night arguing with Penny. Overall, I didn't completely hate the season premiere but it could have been much better based on the promos. Still, I am interested to see whether Sheldon will finally get over or continue to obsess over her. Based on his personality, he will still fight for her, but he should give her a break. After all, she is right when she confronted him for being selfish. I hope things will improve from this disappointing season premiere.