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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers


Quote of the Week - Week of Sept. 6

Quote of the Week -

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

1. George: "He's my big brother, I'd do anything for him." (Bluestar)
2. Brenna (to Beth): "By the way, you're wrong. About not being part of this family. You're here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cancer, funerals..." (Bluestar)
3. April: "It's weird. Death used to be my greatest fear." (Bluestar)

1. Gates: "Look, if she offers you a glass of water, just say no, okay?" (Bluestar)
2. Noma: "Crazy how a part of you can hurt so much even after it's gone." (Bluestar)
3. Michael: "Alex is the last pure heart. He will heal." The Prophet: "Hmm, he's human. There's light and darkness in all of them. None of them are pure. You, of all the angels, should know that." (Bluestar)
4. Michael: "We called him the Son of Morning, my older brother, Lucifer. He's alive." (Bluestar)

Captain Chandler to Dr. Scott: "Be safe. And when you get back, find me." (Jimmy Ryan)

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted", Sleepy Hollow "Headless" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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