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Once Upon a Time - Season 5 - TVLine Preview

TVLINE | What would you say the theme is for 5A?
EDDY KITSIS | I think the theme is “Love is a dangerous weapon.”

TVLINE | Will we get to see Emma do decidedly bad things? I feel like when Regina went on that “bender” with the Queens of Darkness, you were torn between having her doing had things but “we can’t make them too bad” — so they just, like, torched a police cruiser.
KITSIS | Emma is going to do something particularly bad coming up, and to the people she loves.

TVLINE | There are publicity stills of Emma in training mode, but with old school Rumplestiltskin. Given his coma, that would suggest she not only traveled realms after being consumed by the Darkness, but through time as well.
KITSIS | She did not travel time; she did travel realms. And why Rumple’s there will be immediately explained within the first act of the premiere.

TVLINE | And is it Belle’s charge to do what she can to save Rumple? We’ll see the more adventurous Belle?
KITIS | We’re absolutely going to get the more adventurous side of her, especially when she and Merida (Amy Manson) find themselves on and adventure.
HOROWITZ | We’ve always wondered what would happen if Belle and Merida went on an adventure together. We hope you do too, ’cause it’s coming!