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Masters Of Sex - High Anxiety - Review

What an outstanding episode! To me this show just keeps getting better and better. Over the course of this series I’ve fallen in love with the dynamic between all the characters but especially between Bill and Virginia. Even though they’re not the typical couple that you normally root for, I do, and thats why it's sad to watch this episode, titled High Anxiety. Virginia is pulling even further away from Bill and he knows it. I have a funny feeling that as we get closer to the season finale things between those two are only going to get worse.

It was heartbreaking to watch Bill in the scene at Virginia’s house. All the emotions he had going on because of her acting distant and the fact that she was mad at him for going behind her back with the surrogate trials. Bill is an extremely smart man when it comes to his work but he certainly could use a wake up call in his personal life. Not only is he losing Virginia to Dan, he’s losing Libby to Paul. His life is coming undone and as we see him sweating bullets in Virginia’s living room while he pleads with her not to be mad at him anymore I think he started to realize things were changing. That doesn’t stop him from continuing to do stupid things which makes me fearful of what's going to happen between him and his star student, Nora Everett, in the surrogacy trials. At the end of this episode we hear Nora confessing to Bill that she is attracted to him. I can only assume that scene was only the beginning of a turn in their relationship.

This episode shows us some really emotional times at Betty and Helen’s house. I’ve probably said this a million times already but I just love Betty. She’s my favourite in the show and I'm happy that she’s back to getting more screen time. She always brings out the comedy in this drama. I had spent most of the time laughing when Austin was in their apartment acting like a man child. I couldn’t help but think that they wanted a baby and they ended up with Austin. As much fun as that was to watch I really enjoyed when the three of them were in the living room and Helen announced that she was pregnant. I wonder how that’s all going to work! For some strange reason it makes me think of that movie, Three Guys and a Baby!

Just like in Bill’s love life where everything seems to be falling apart, so does his relationship with Johnny! I hate the way Bill is with him and how he’s betrayed him with taking Dennis under his wing. To me that’s a big no-no when it comes to parenting and I have no doubts that he will end up regretting that in the future. Though I feel for Johnny 100% I didn’t like that he turned mean and embarrassed Dennis in front of the girls. I’m hoping that’s not going to be the path that he takes from now on as I really liked him before and felt bad for him.

Libby spent this episode pretending that she didn’t have any feelings for Paul. Rightfully so, as she’s been burnt so many times in the past. She even said it herself that she doesn’t have anymore of her heart to give. She quickly changed her tune though when someone else showed interest in Paul. I can’t tell if she really does have feelings for him or she's just tired of being alone. Only time will tell with that one but I have this gut feeling that there’s going to be some major changes in everyone's lives come the end of this season. My money is on Bill finally facing the consequences of all his actions. I’ve placed my bet now it’s your turn! What do you think will happen by the end of season 3?

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