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Continuum - Rush Hour - Review: “Collateral Damage”

Kiera had a lot to contend with this week as she tried to help recover Emily after she was abducted by Kellog’s forces at the end of the season premiere. Through various circumstances Kiera has built a skilled team around her and Emily is an integral part of that team meaning she couldn’t help but aid Alec’s attempt to get Emily back.

The episode picked up with a future version of Kellog giving advice to the Kellog we all know and love to hate. You’d think age would have made Kellog less creepy and crazy, but nope, all time did was make a crazy man even more crazy. With his future self telling him to trust the future soldiers we have the beginning of a very dangerous and potentially deadly alliance.

Alec and Kiera are going over the stolen data just prior to Kellog revealing Emily’s kidnapping. From this point the episode hits full speed and doesn’t let up. Alec and Kiera fall effortlessly back into a unified team as they try and formulate a way to get Emily back without giving Kellog dangerous information. Kiera knows they need the help Carols can provide them so she goes to him and after a heartfelt confession of her injury induced hallucination from last week she has him firmly on her side. Carlos cares about Kiera and she is an important friend to him, but for the briefest moment I really thought he was going to go against Kiera’s wishes and call in help. I did enjoy seeing Carlos insert himself into the situation by stating he was going to see Kellog himself. Rachel and Victor work off of each other with great ease. I can’t express enough how happy I am this show never took them down a romantic path. They are so clearly only meant to be friends and it’s nice to see a show with a male and female lead where they were never hooked up.

While Alec is getting the data ready for Kiera to deliver to Kellog she takes a moment to rendezvous with Brad. I was hoping he’d remove himself from his undercover duty, but it was nice to see how much he cares about Kiera. Seeing her go off the building in the last episode really upset him and I think it made the whole undercover operation that much more important to him. I am curious to see how they tie up Brad’s story as the series winds down. Will he get to end as a hero or will he fall into old habits now that he’s back with people from his future?

The confrontation between Kellog and Carlos was good and with the right level of intensity as Carlos tried to get information about Emily, but their interaction wasn’t the best part of the scene. The best part was when Dillon made his return and was revealed to be working for Kellog instead of returning to the police force. It was a shocking twist and very well played by the show. They kept Carlos in a position of power that gives him more wiggle room to aid Kiera and setup what I hope will turn out to be an undercover position for Dillon. Given his voracious appetite to take down Kellog and Liber8 I just can’t see him working for Kellog without some ulterior motive. I look forward to finding out exactly what that is.

Lucas and Alec work well together and by the time Kiera gets back they have the hard drive ready for her and she is off for her meeting with Kellog. She takes her turn reuniting with Dillon at some fancy restaurant Kellog picked. He delivers a dress to her that Kellog insists she wear to their meeting and reluctantly Kiera takes it and obliges Kellog. As she changes and meets with Kellog the guys back at the house are monitoring Pyron cell phones in hope of tracking down Emily. The data leads Alec to a warehouse that is supposed to be empty, but is showing significant signs of occupancy. He leaves Lucas to sift through the rest of the data while he goes to check out the building with absolutely no backup. I know Alec wanted to get Emily back and he got impatient, but when you have a time traveler and a Police Inspector on your side it may be a good idea to let them take the lead during a kidnapping situation.

As all this is going on Travis and Garza are planning to take Kellog down once and for all. When they realize Kiera is with Kellog they both seem to have a slight moment of hesitation. Travis sees the value Kiera brings to their joint effort and Garza seems to have developed a soft spot for Kiera. Whether Garza likes it, or even realizes it, she and Kiera have developed a tumultuous friendship. She pushes for them to move forward with the plan anyway, but the look on her face indicates that she wishes things were playing out differently. Garza was so underused early on in the series and given the amazing dynamic Luvia and Rachel have they lost a lot of great opportunities for these two to work together. It was nice to see Garza’s interactions with Kiera have had an impact on her.

Things quickly devolved for all parties at this point when halfway plotted plans began to unravel. While Kellog was holding Emily as his trump card she was busy working on a self rescue even as Alec was embodying his alter ego to get to her. All that was going on as Travis and Garza used a waiter inside the restaurant to try and gas Kellog and by association Kiera. All of this led to one epic trio of action scenes. Emily and Alec, but mainly Emily, took on Kellog’s men and the two reunited. I have always been a big fan of Magda dating back to her Kyle XY days and to see her get to kick ass on this show has been awesome. The other two aspects of this trio action sequence was Kiera carrying Kellog to safety and then proceeding to drown him to save him while Carlos used his car as a ram to keep Travis and Garza from finishing off Kellog. The fight scene between Travis and Carlos was epic as Victor and Roger fully committed to every swing and fight move. The entire sequence was beautifully cut together as one swing led into another and Kiera’s desperate attempt to save Kellog led into Emily’s desperate fight for freedom. The editing of this sequence was superbly done and mixed with the score it really helped up the tension in the scene. Kudos to all the actors involved because they gave this sequence their all and it truly paid off in the end product. Stephen put an immense amount of trust in Rachel to not only hold him under water, but to carry him on her back. Speaking of Kiera carrying Kellog, I was already a major fan of Rachel’s dating back to her time on the short lived series The Inside, but watching her carry Stephen on her back upped my level of respect for her.

Kiera found out a little too late that Emily had self rescue because she had already revived Kellog. Had she found out that information just a little bit sooner I can’t help but wonder what Kiera would have done. Would she have still saved him or let the gas and drowning do their job? Kiera of Season 1 would have still saved him, but given all this Kiera has been through I think she may have saved Travis and Garza the trouble of finishing him off and done it herself. Kellog’s survival did lead to an interesting interaction between him and Kiera as Kiera revealed Emily’s escape. I love how well Kiera has come to know Emily because she knew the younger woman left behind quite a bloody mess for Kellog to have to deal with. Kiera looked quite proud of Emily and was more than happy to deliver the news to Kellog.

Even though Garza got away I had a feeling she didn’t go far and she didn’t. She took cover in Kiera’s car and tries to get Kiera to help her break Travis out, but Kiera has had just about enough of the entire day and declines to aid her. Garza issues a kind of apology for going ahead with the plan to kill Kellog while Kiera was stuck in the crossfire. After the day Kiera just got through she accepts the apology and decides to take Garza back with her to Alec’s house. They may have been one time enemies, but Kiera knows the value in Garza’s skills so she chooses to not turn her over to Carlos. In truth I think Kiera just wanted food and a bath so bad she didn’t want to take the time to rid herself of Garza. Besides it is best for her to know where Garza is than to let her run around loose without supervision. Given the rapid extinction of Liber8 members it is in Garza’s best interest to unite with Kiera and her team again.

Two of my favorite sequences came as the episode was winding down. The first being Emily confronting Jason about who his mom is. Magda turned in a truly heartbreaking performance as Emily begged for an answer and an even more heartbreaking one when Jason seemed to indicate she is not his mom. I’ve got a few theories on this. Either Jason was lying to get his future mom onto a certain path that will make her his mom or he was being truthful and Alec will have Jason with someone else. I desperately want this to be Jason protecting his mom because this show has put too much time and effort into bringing Alec, Emily, and Jason’s stories together for them to not be a family. If it turns out Jason was telling the truth I hope we get to learn who his mom is and see that she means nothing to Alec as he fights for the relationship he and Emily have. Given all Alec did to get her back they deserve some kind of happy ending at the end of the series. In the scene where Emily leaves it was evident how much love Alec and Emily have for one another. It broke both of their hearts for her to have to make that tough choice to leave, but Emily is an expert at making tough decisions and sidelines her own heartache to give Alec a better chance at stopping Kellog and the super soldiers.

My second favorite scene was the group dinner as the team broke bread together. When Kiera entered with Garza the tension was evident, but with a small nod of her head Kiera brought Garza into the fold. Then when they sat down to eat Garza seemed at ease and even happy to be with them, even though she’s a bit of an outsider they all welcomed her. It was a nice scene after a tense episode and for this one moment it seemed like the characters were replaced by the actors just enjoying hanging out together. The whole scene played out beautifully and the only thing missing was Carlos, but given the beating he took I imagine he was nursing his wounds at home.

Chen’s cryptic reveal that Kellog will soon be able to send Kiera home setup an interesting story for the series to ride to the end. Something tells me Kiera won’t find her way home seeing as that seems like it will set into motion a chain of irreversible events. I’m still hoping for Sam to find his was to his mom and Kiera can stay in this time with the friends and family she’s built around her.

This was an action packed episode that delivered enough surprises and reveals to carry them to the end. The actors delivered stunning performances and the action was spot on. Overall this was a great way to raise the stakes and punch the show into high gear leading up to this week’s midway point of the final season.

In the next episode Garza and Kiera team up and one can only imagine the tension that will come from that. Will they work as seamlessly as they did in the Season 3 premiere or will the differences between the two lead to the mission failing?

Tune in to SyFy on Friday at 11/10c for the third episode of the season, Power Hour, and if you’re in Canada be sure to tune in to Showcase on the same night at 9et/pt for the fourth episode of the season, Zero Hour.

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Hit the comments with your thoughts about this episode and your predictions. Do you think Jason is Emily’s son or was he being truthful? If he was then who is your guess for Jason’s mom? Is she someone we’ve met before or a so far unknown character?

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