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Zoo - The Cheese Stands Alone - Review: “Rat Queen”

Well…I’ll be honest, this episode of Zoo was a little bit too much. I can deal with cute bears, lions, and even bats, but rats…not so much. This episode was filled with crazy scenes of rats eating people and stampeding around, but I have to say, the scene that freaked me out the most was the elevator. When those doors opened and all those rats came pouring out, it was truly like something out of a horror movie! I will say though, one thing that I did like about this episode was that it felt very focused, which is kind of unusual for this show. There were only minimal detours onto side stories like the horse/first date and Mitch, and even then, things were tied in well and brought answers or character development.

During this episode we got to see Mitch visit Clementine and it was pretty cute once they got over the initial awkwardness of her joking about forgetting him. I really liked the scene in the park where Mitch gave her the parking ticket he got the day she was born. It showed a more sensitive side to him and even though he doesn't show it that often he really cares about the people that are important to him. After Mitch’s visit with his daughter, he went to go be a traitor at Reiden and give up the mother cell. I really hope he has a plan to get it back or I’ll be really disappointed in him. I was finally starting to like him and now he’s just going to backstab everyone?! That can’t be all there is to it. The really crazy part of this whole exchange was actually that Mitch saw Chloe’s supervisor, and I guess in a way, the boss of all them, there at Reiden talking to someone. Is he secretly a double agent, like Shaffer? Or is it something completely innocent, like a mole on the inside, getting information on Reiden to use against them?

We also found out more answers and were given more clues about Reiden, the mother cell and the animals. It seems that the mother cell is acting as an accelerant, which we had already learned last week with the bear’s changing DNA, however we didn't know the extent of the acceleration until now. The rats in the hotel seemed to be reproducing at an alarmingly fast rate and it was determined that they possibly adapted to reproduce asexually and their already short gestation period became even shorter. All the rats being born were male and feeding off a select group of giant female rats, the “rat queens”. Very weird stuff. This acceleration goes way beyond bears and rats though, the implications for the animal population in the future are crazy. There could be a huge population boom for all animals in the coming years unless they can find a way to counter the mother cell’s effects. And they need to find a way to stop these effects soon because the animals are not reproducing to ensure survival anymore, instead they are reproducing for the destruction of another species, aka - the destruction of humans.

Even though this episode was very focused, there were still a couple of miscellaneous and noteworthy things going on in this episode. One thing I have to say - Abe is so wise, I just want him to be my best friend in real life and give me life advice whenever I have problems. I am loving his friendship with Jamie. I think he’s really good for her and right now they’re my two favorite characters. Also, the side story this week was a little bit boring but by the end it had my interest. The animal aspect of this side story was not nearly as interesting as the characters involved. At the end of the episode we found out that “#12”, the person the man was so worried about during his date, is actually Shaffer. I’m very interested to see what the connection is between them and Reiden. And what is up with the #12 title?? So secretive!

What did you think of this episode of Zoo? Do you think Mitch will end up giving Reiden the Mother Cell? What did you think of the rats taking center stage this week? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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